Swiss Environmental Consulting: Pioneering Green Innovation in Basel-Stadt’s Tech Sector

Welcome to another installment in our ongoing series focusing on the pioneering companies operating in the Environmental Consulting industry, all based in Basel, Switzerland. As global awareness of environmental issues increases, these dynamic firms are leading the way in offering innovative solutions and services. Their work spans from developing sustainable materials, predicting weather patterns for businesses and individuals, to providing ecological and conservation advice. This write-up aims to introduce you to these key players, their founders, areas of operation, and how they are making a significant difference to our environment.


Founded by Sarah Harbarth, KUORI is operating in the Environmental Consulting and Environmental Engineering industries while focusing on organic solutions. This innovative company develops and sells biodegradable alternatives created from organic waste products such as banana peels and nutshells. They offer an ingenious solution to reduce waste while creating sustainable alternatives to traditional materials. Explore their work further on Facebook and LinkedIn


The brainchild of Christoph Ramshorn, meteoblue works at the intersection of technology and environmental consulting, delivering high-quality, localized weather information for any point on land or sea. This information supports businesses reliant on weather conditions and meteorologically-focused individuals. meteoblue prides itself on using cutting-edge scientific methods and technologies to generate, display, and distribute weather data. Discover more about their services on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Life Science

Life Science offers an array of services including environmental consulting, planning, journalistic communication. This multifaceted firm is particularly specialized in aquatic ecology, nature conservation, landscape protection, research, sustainability, and exhibitions, making it a truly diverse entity in this industry. While they’re not currently on social media, you can contact them through an online inquiry form available on their website.


EMIcon operates in the database sector of the Environmental Consulting industry, providing solutions centered around pollution control. Despite not having an active social media presence or detailed description on their website, contact them directly to explore their services.

Nova Energie Basel

Nova Energie Basel is another noteworthy name in our list operating in the instrumentation sector of the Environmental Consulting industry. Reach out directly via their website to learn more about their work and initiatives in the sustainable energy sector.

bernhard Umwelt Verkehr Beratung

If you’re looking for expertise in housing industry consulting, environmental consulting, or public safety, bernhard Umwelt Verkehr Beratung is a suitable choice. This company additionally provides mobility solutions to its clients. Contact them directly via their website to discover how they can assist your environmental and transportation needs.

In conclusion, these Basel-based companies are tirelessly working to better our interaction with the environment. Whether through reducing waste, leveraging weather data, or upholding conservation values, each brings a unique angle to the fight for sustainability. Stick around for more profiles of the companies redefining our relationship with the world around us.

Written by Mark Smith

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