Swiss Leaders in Environmental Consulting: Innovations from Zürich’s Pioneering Firms

Environmental Consulting Companies in Zurich

Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland, is also a hub for innovation and technology. Amongst its many industries, environmental consulting is emerging as a highly important sector. Zürich houses a number of pioneering companies that are striving hard to devise solutions to meet the increasing environmental challenges our planet is facing. In this edition, we are highlighting environmental consultancy firms based in Zürich that are making a substantial impact in their respective domains.

The environmental consultancy sector is broad, encompassing areas like waste management, energy, renewable resources, and more. Zürich is an incubator for startups and mature companies alike, and continues to attract worldwide attention for its commitment to sustainability and progressive approach to environmentally friendly solutions. Below are some of the environmental consultancy firms based in Zürich that have demonstrated a clear commitment towards creating a sustainable environmental future.

Special mention to these companies for their work in environmental conservation, climate change solutions, energy efficiency, and contribution to regulatory bodies and industries to implement sustainable products and policies. Let’s explore more about these companies, their founders, and what they’re doing to make a difference. All the company names are direct links to their official websites for further info.


Oxyle, co-founded by Fajer Mushtaq, and Silvan Staufert, is an environmental consulting company with a focus on waste management. The company has developed novel technology that degrades hazardous micropollutants from wastewater, such as pesticides and chemicals. Connect with Oxyle on social media via LinkedIn and Twitter.

South Pole

South Pole Group is a leading climate solutions provider founded by Renat Heuberger. This versatile company is engaged in environmental consulting, business development, and renewable energy fields. The firm aids both public and private actors in developing actionable policies and strategies related mainly to climate change. Check their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more updates.


FORNAT is contributing significantly to environmental consulting and project management space, with a particular emphasis on aquaculture.


Climate-KIC, founded by Kirsten Dunlop, is a European knowledge and innovation community. The company’s mission is dedicated towards accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon economy. Offering support and identifying innovation that helps society adapt to climate change is core to their philosophy. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are their official social media handles.


ecoinvent is a not-for-profit association providing comprehensive documented process data for various products, thus helping gauge their environmental impact effectively. They empower companies to manufacture more sustainably and consumers to adopt eco-friendly practices. Stay connected with ecoinvent via their LinkedIn and Twitter account.


Founded by Stefan Baumeister, myclimate combines environmental consulting services with financial expertise. They boast a team of climate protection experts. Check out myclimate on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


nul is a not-just-for-profit company aiming to make the personal and household care industry more sustainable by offering eco-friendly alternatives. They believe in giving back, pledging 1% of all sales to environmental charities as a member of 1% for the Planet. Connect with nul on their official Facebook page and Twitter handle.

Central Element Geosciences Ltd.

Central Element Geosciences Ltd. is a unique company offering breakthrough technology to locate, identify, and map locations of desired materials across the globe, on land or at sea and at up to 6500 km depths. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

TBF and Partner

TBF and Partner offers its expertise in the field of environmental consulting. They can be reached on their official LinkedIn page.

GEO Partner

GEO Partner specialises in environmental consulting. You can stay updated with them by visiting their official LinkedIn page.


Anerdgy AG was founded by Sven Koehler in 2012. They invented and develop the WindRail® system. This company is a one-stop-shop for consulting in energy project realisation. Follow Anerdgy on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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