Sydney’s Innovative Leaders Elevating the Smart Building Industry Futurology

Bleeding Edge Technology in Smart Buildings

Sydney, New South Wales, is an interesting city that’s attracting worldwide recognition as a hub for innovative companies. Particularly in the Smart Building Industry, several companies are making groundbreaking strides, each with a unique approach to problem-solving. These companies sit at the forefront of innovation, incorporating advanced technology into building and design.

In today’s technology-driven world, the integration of IT with building architecture has become common practice, and Sydney is home to some of the leading companies in this sector. The merging of technology and building design has paved the way for smart buildings.

Here we introduce some companies that play an essential role in the advancement of Smart Building technology. Each company is contributing significantly to developing the future of smart living.


Based in North Sydney, Optergy is focused on research and development in the areas of energy, energy management, mobile apps, smart building, and software. Their team aims to provide innovative-yet-user-friendly solutions that integrate buildings and their respective systems, creating a more productive environment for all. To learn more about Optergy, visit their LinkedIn profile.


Founded by David Walsh, CIM operates in the sphere of building analytics software development. Their award-winning PEAK platform blends building intelligence, machine learning, and technical engineering support to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and comfort across property portfolios. The company also has a social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.


BindiMaps is an innovative navigation solution created by Anna Wright, Anthony Burrett, and Mladen Jovanovic. Their mobile app assists users in indoor spaces, providing a natural-language audio system to guide users to their chosen destination. BindiMaps’ mission is to make every indoor space 100% accessible.


The Willow team, founded by Adam Geha, Dale Brett, Joshua Ridley, and Michael Easson, provides a digital technology solution for the built world. Their software platform, WillowTwin, and professional services, WillowDigital, enable smart buildings and infrastructure networks’ digital adoption. For more engaging information, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Operating within the sphere of building material and smart building industry, Acoufelt is one of the prominent companies based in Sydney, New South Wales. They share their recent updates and developments on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Majd Elmashharawi and Mustafa Waiz, Rawfor uses artificial intelligence to manage construction and property issues. Their objective is to be the world’s most reliable AI tool for this sector. They also have a presence on LinkedIn.

Coleman Group

In the building material, construction, and smart building industry, the Coleman Group is a renowned name. This independent company supplies and installs all types of steel fencing for various building projects. Follow Coleman Group on Facebook and LinkedIn for more details.

Strata Alert

Founded by Peter Mansour, Strata Alert is a multi-award winning web-based, SaaS strata, and property management software company. Their team is committed to using technology to transform industries and create smart cities. For more, you can follow Strata Alert on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

Written by Mark Smith

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