Tel Aviv’s Innovators Elevating the Global Smart Building Industry

Tel Aviv, the bustling heart of tech innovation in Israel, is home to a growing number of companies operating in the Smart Building industry. These companies span a range of markets from augmented reality and artificial intelligence, to property management and green construction. They are not just shaping the future of buildings and cities, but are also redefining the ways we live, work, and interact with the world around us. In this article, we are going to explore some of these companies and the groundbreaking innovations they are bringing to the Smart Building industry.

From companies revolutionising indoor positioning and air purification, to those disrupting the ways we manage property and select construction products, these businesses represent the leading edge of smart building technology. While they are diverse in their focus and application, they all share a common goal of creating smarter, healthier, and more efficient environments for people to live, work, and play in. So let’s look at some of the companies at the forefront of this exciting industry.

What’s truly exciting about these companies, is that they are leveraging the latest technologies to tackle some of the biggest challenges we face in our built environments today. They are not just pushing boundaries, but are also redefining them. These companies are not just talking about the future, they are actively building it.


Oriient specializes in augmented reality, indoor positioning, Internet of Things, retail technology and smart buildings. Founded by Amiram Frish and Mickey Balter, Oriient provides highly accurate indoor positioning to any app, in any building, anywhere, without the need to install anything in the building. This smart technology is powering retail, smart buildings, IoT and AR applications. Learn more about Oriient at their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page.

Sweet Inn

Sweet Inn is a platform for hospitality, hotel services, smart buildings and vacation rentals. Founded by Paul Besnainou in 2014, it combines the use of proprietary technology to control and innovate operations, guest experiences, and automate task management. Visit Sweet Inn’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to learn more.


Founded by Avichai Belitsky, Aviv Levin, and Vadim Hashanksy, Youtiligent operates at the intersection of AI, consumer electronics and smart buildings. Its AIoT solution adds an AI layer to any professional equipment, providing actionable and valuable business insights. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

Aura Smart Air

Aura Smart Air, founded by Aviad Shnaiderman, offers an all-in-one indoor air purification and quality intelligence system. The device integrates a unique 5-stage purification process while monitoring its quality in real-time. Connect with Aura Smart Air on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

ARK Design

ARK Design is leading the way in architecture and smart building innovations. Their novel application of machine learning to home improvement projects and smart building design is proving transformative. You can find more about ARK Design on their LinkedIn page.


Darimpo, co-founded by Eyal Lavie and Gal Lavie, is a property management platform driven by AI. They strive to automate and streamline tasks in property management, making it easier for businesses to operate more efficiently. Learn about Darimpo on their Facebook and LinkedIn.


Specializing in environmental engineering and green building, BioShade addresses urban heat islands with a modular hydroponic system designed for growing shading plants. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more.

Effective Building

Effective Building offers a green building product selection platform for the construction industry. The company, co-founded by Maor Conforti and Ryan Clarke, helps professionals discover and evaluate building products for green certification. Connect with Effective Building on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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