Title: Inside the Cybertruck: Exploring the Futuristic Interior of Tesla’s Electric Pickup

A Close Look at the Design and Features of the Cybertruck’s Interior

Key Takeaways:

1. A leaked image provides a glimpse of the interior of Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck.

2. The interior design features a unique and unconventional steering wheel-yoke hybrid, which has sparked mixed reactions.

3. The Cybertruck’s interior appears to be minimalist and spacious, with some users expressing concerns about the lack of personality and the size of the dashboard.

4. The absence of traditional stalks and the incorporation of capacitive touch buttons on the steering wheel raise questions about user experience and functionality.

5. Unlike some competing trucks, the Cybertruck may not offer a sixth-seat option, limiting its capacity for passenger transportation.


Tesla’s Cybertruck has captured the attention of automotive enthusiasts and electric vehicle enthusiasts alike with its bold and futuristic design. While much of the discussion has focused on the vehicle’s exterior, the interior of the Cybertruck holds its own intrigue. This article takes a closer look at the leaked image that offers a glimpse into the interior of Tesla’s highly anticipated electric pickup, exploring its design, features, and potential implications.

A Glimpse into the Cybertruck’s Interior

The leaked image posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum unveils the interior of the prototype showcased at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting. The unconventional design choices immediately stand out, capturing the attention of observers. This section delves into the details of the Cybertruck’s interior, highlighting key elements and discussing their potential impact on the overall driving experience.

The Unique Steering Wheel-Yoke Hybrid

The centerpiece of the Cybertruck’s interior is the steering wheel-yoke hybrid, which combines traditional steering functionality with a futuristic twist. The section explores the design and functionality of this unconventional feature, examining the implications for handling, ergonomics, and user experience. It also delves into the mixed reactions elicited by this unique design choice.

Minimalism and Spaciousness

Consistent with Tesla’s design philosophy, the interior of the Cybertruck appears minimalist and spacious. This subsection examines the clean lines, lack of clutter, and generous cabin space, discussing the potential benefits and drawbacks of this design approach. It also addresses concerns raised by some users regarding the perceived lack of personality and the extensive dashboard.

The Absence of Stalks and Touch Buttons

Unlike traditional vehicles, the Cybertruck does not feature stalks for controlling various functions. Instead, it relies on capacitive touch buttons integrated into the steering wheel. This section analyzes the implications of this design choice, including potential challenges in terms of functionality, reliability, and user familiarity. It explores the impact on essential operations such as signaling and windshield wiper control.

Limitations in Passenger Capacity

Compared to some of its competing trucks, such as the Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado, the Cybertruck may not offer a sixth-seat option. This subsection explores the implications of this limitation, discussing the potential impact on the vehicle’s versatility and practicality. It also examines the trade-offs Tesla may have considered in its pursuit of a unique design.


The leaked image of the Cybertruck’s interior provides a glimpse into Tesla’s vision for the future of electric pickups. While the design choices are unconventional and have sparked mixed reactions, they embody the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining traditional automotive norms. The minimalist and spacious interior, combined with unique features like the steering wheel-yoke hybrid, reflect Tesla’s pursuit of innovation and differentiation. As the Cybertruck prepares for its official release, it will undoubtedly continue to generate excitement and anticipation among enthusiasts and potential buyers alike.

Written by Martin Cole

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