Title: New Murabba: Saudi Arabia’s Ambitious Cube Skyscraper Redefining Urban Landscapes

Unveiling the Future of Modern Architecture in Riyadh’s New Downtown

Key Takeaways:

1. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reveals plans for the New Murabba development, an expansive downtown project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2. New Murabba will cover an area of over seven square miles, making it approximately one-third the size of Manhattan.

3. The standout feature of the project is the Mukaab, an enormous cubed skyscraper that measures nearly a quarter mile in each direction.

4. The Mukaab aims to provide approximately 22 million square feet of floor space and will incorporate various functions, including tourist attractions, hotels, residential areas, and commercial spaces.

5. New Murabba signifies Saudi Arabia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of modern architecture and creating immersive urban environments.


Saudi Arabia continues to make waves in the realm of grand-scale construction projects, and the unveiling of the New Murabba development is no exception. This article delves into the ambitious plans for New Murabba, with a particular focus on the remarkable centerpiece, the Mukaab. As Saudi Arabia strives to redefine urban landscapes, this architectural marvel promises to captivate the world’s attention.

New Murabba: A Visionary Downtown

Spanning an impressive area of over seven square miles, New Murabba aims to create a modern downtown district in Riyadh that rivals global metropolises. This section explores the overarching vision behind the development, highlighting its potential to transform the cityscape and elevate Saudi Arabia’s architectural prowess.

The Mukaab: A Cube Skyscraper Unlike Any Other

At the heart of New Murabba stands the Mukaab, a gargantuan cubed skyscraper that defies convention. With dimensions comparable to the Empire State Building, this section delves into the awe-inspiring design of the Mukaab and its potential impact on the urban fabric of Riyadh. The integration of an additional tower within the cube further accentuates the innovative nature of this architectural feat.

Unprecedented Scale and Functionality

By offering a staggering 22 million square feet of floor space, the Mukaab sets new records for building size. This subsection explores the wide range of functions intended for the skyscraper, including tourist attractions, hotels, residential areas, and commercial spaces. The comprehensive nature of the Mukaab’s design signifies a holistic approach to urban development and the creation of immersive environments.

Redefining Modern Architecture

New Murabba and the Mukaab symbolize Saudi Arabia’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of modern architecture. This section examines the broader implications of such ambitious projects, discussing how they contribute to the country’s urban transformation and position it as a global leader in innovative design and construction.


The New Murabba development and its iconic Mukaab represent a new era of architectural innovation and urban design in Saudi Arabia. By envisioning a downtown district of unprecedented scale and reimagining the concept of skyscrapers with a cube-shaped centerpiece, the country showcases its determination to redefine urban landscapes. As the project progresses, the world eagerly awaits the realization of this visionary endeavor, anticipating the transformative impact it will have on Riyadh and the global architectural community.

Written by Martin Cole

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