Top Los Angeles-Based Firms Innovating the Smart Building Industry

As technology continues its relentless pace of advancement, it is increasingly transforming every facet of our lives. One area with the potential for drastic change is our buildings—both residential and commercial. This future-centric transformation is driven by the integration of tech solutions, generating the concept of “smart buildings”. Los Angeles, known for its growing tech scene, hosts several leading companies creating waves in the Smart Building industry. This piece spotlights these firms, which stride ahead in their respective fields, revolutionizing the way we think about spaces.


Rivieh was founded in 2018 by Mustafa Homsi, with a vision to integrate innovative hardware technology into properties, thus creating smart buildings. The company’s prime area of focus includes Electronics, Hardware, and Smart Building markets, and has quickly grown to become a prominent player in this dynamic field.

Stage Venture Partners

Stage Venture Partners, co-founded by Alex Rubalcava and Rob Vickery in 2015, offers financial services, targets the Smart Building industry, along with a strong emphasis on Venture Capital. They are deeply invested in supporting software technology entrepreneurs targeting the B2B market. You can follow their latest updates on their LinkedIn page or their Twitter handle @stagevp.

Komfort IQ

Komfort IQ is an Information Technology company focusing on Internet of Things and Smart Building solutions. Dedicated to reducing energy consumption in buildings— which constitutes roughly 40% of global energy usage—they are particularly concentrated on innovating within the HVAC sector. Keep up with their journey on their LinkedIn page or via Twitter @komfortiq.


WHY offers exceptional solutions in the realm of Architecture, Interior Design, and the Smart Building realm. They continue to create responsive, sustainable spaces that elegantly combine aesthetics and functionality. Follow their innovative solutions on Facebook or their LinkedIn page.

Southern Services & Equipment

Southern Services & Equipment, certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction, operates in numerous sectors like Building Maintenance, Construction, and Smart Building. The company offers comprehensive services across Steel Fabrication, Welding, Structural Steel Erection, and the likes. To learn more, check their LinkedIn page.

Advance Aqua Tanks

Advance Aqua Tanks trades in the field of Aquaculture, Manufacturing, Product Design, and Smart Building industry. Besides providing stellar aquarium and aquatic supplies, they specialize in acrylic design and innovative building services. Get the latest from them through their LinkedIn page.

Seeless Solutions

Operating in the sectors like Consumer Electronics, E-Commerce, and Smart Building, Seeless Solutions continues to redefine the home experience. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.

JFAK Architects

JFAK Architects brings innovative designs combining architecture, construction, and smart building technology. Stay updated by following them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or on Twitter @jfakarchitects.

Gizmo Custom Systems

Gizmo Custom Systems leverages smart technology to provide custom solutions for commercial and residential sectors. Track their latest offerings on their LinkedIn page.

These companies strive to reimagine the concept of a “building”. By developing innovative solutions—via enhancing comfort, improving efficiency, or reducing environmental footprint—they are leading a paradigm shift in our built environment. Indeed, the present and future of the smart building sector promise an exciting harmony of technology and design.

Written by Mark Smith

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