Toronto’s Innovating Leaders in the Global 3D Printing Industry Unveiled

Welcome to our latest article in the Futurology series, where we shine the spotlight on trailblazing companies operating in the 3D Printing industry, which have chosen to make the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, their home base. This article discusses companies leading in sectors from Consumer Goods to Agriculture, from Industrial design to Renewable Energy. These forward-thinking companies are breaking new ground in the 3D Printing space, shaping our future one layer at a time.

While traditionally 3D printing has been associated with manufacturing and industrial applications, the companies covered in this article highlight the versatility, innovation and boundless potential of this technology. From creating prosthetic limbs to protecting high heels and boosting plant growth, these companies exemplify the range and power of 3D printing technology.

Our goal is to present a comprehensive view of each company’s mission, products, and future directions. With this information, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of the significant role that these Toronto-based companies are playing within the global 3D printing industry.

Mosaic Manufacturing

Founded by Chris Labelle, Derek Vogt, and Mitchell Debora, Mosaic Manufacturing is a digital manufacturing firm that started operations in 2014. Their goal has been to enable 3D printers to create substantially more useful and valuable products, and they are scaling this technology to serve millions in the upcoming customization and personalization wave. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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Objex Unlimited

Founded by Steve Cory, Objex Unlimited is changing the dynamics of commercial and web design through the power of 3D printing. Building products that are both functional and aesthetically commanding is their main goal. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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