Trailblazing Bogotá-Based Firms Making Waves in Sustainable Industry Innovation

The bustling city of Bogotá, Distrito Especial, Colombia has been emerging as a hub for some of the most promising companies in the sustainability sector. Home to numerous startups and established firms alike, Bogotá is fast becoming a breeding ground for a wave of sustainable innovations that are confronting a range of challenges from Climate Change to Circular Economy. We are delighted to introduce 11 stellar companies, each revolutionizing sustainability in distinct ways and collectively contributing to the city’s increasingly green reputation. They are transforming industries as varied as Forestry, Energy, E-Commerce and even Optical Products, now let’s delve into the details of these promising sustainability companies.

Bia Energy

Founded by Sebastian Ruales, Bia Energy aims to invigorate Latin America with sustainable and affordable energy. They focus on offering a consumer-centric and data-driven technology platform for SMEs and households. Furthermore, they are providing reliable and affordable solutions for energy efficiency. You can connect with them through their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @bia_energy.


Cesar Cuevas and Diego Rodríguez are the brains behind Linxe. Their goal is to develop a comprehensive financial services platform that creates a credit history for underbanked individuals. These are designed to cater to a population that are largely ignored by institutional banks in Colombia and Latin America. Be sure to check them out on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by JUAN PABLO PRADILLA MEJIA, Sajú is revolutionizing the eyewear industry with a sustainable approach. As an E-commerce company that operates in the fashion industry, they are also playing a key role in Recycling and Sustainability. Connect with them via their Instagram and LinkedIn.


Founded by Alejandro Caiaffa, Muta is a Cleantech company that’s digitising the recycling industry. Through the development of software and hardware solutions, Muta is playing an instrumental role in promoting Sustainability and Waste Management. Visit their LinkedIn for more information.

Cultivando Futuro

A company operating at the intersection of Agriculture, Consulting, Farming and Sustainability. Their main goal is to encourage sustainable agriculture practices for a more sustainable future. Find them on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @cultivandof.

Green Loop

Green Loop is a sustainability-driven firm offering Consulting and Energy solutions. Founded by Diego Bello, Green Loop helps businesses transform their operations towards a greener paradigm. Follow them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @greenloopltda profiles.

Forest First

Operating in the Forestry, Natural Resources, and Sustainability sectors forestry firm Forest First is making significant strides in sustainable forestry and natural resource management.


SOGRISEL offers a host of sustainability-related services including environmental risk management, financial management, systems and computing, and more. Follow them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @SogriselR.

Mejor en Bici

A company at the forefront of the transportation industry, Mejor en Bici is combining sustainability, transportation, and wellness into its pioneering business model. Follow them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @mejorenbici.


Gustavo Quevedo launched TuGuardaRopa with the intention of making the fashion industry sustainable. TuGuardaRopa is an online sustainable fashion store for children and babies in Colombia. They are on a mission to promote responsible consumption of clothes due to the damage that the industry is causing to the planet. You can connect with them at Facebook and also follow them on Twitter @TuGuardaRopaCol.


Focusing on environmental consulting, SENTIDO VERDE is committed to educating and executing green marketing strategies. SENTIDO VERDE’s work helps in creating a new, environmentally-friendly culture from emotional and rational standpoints. For more information, you can visit their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @sentidoverdesas.

The city of Bogotá, Distrito Especial, Colombia is truly making its mark on the global sustainability map. Through companies like the ones listed above, Bogotá is demonstrating how technological innovation and sustainable practices can harmoniously intertwine to tackle some of the toughest challenges our world is facing today.

Written by Mark Smith

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