Vienna Based Eco Innovators Leading the Charge in GreenTech Industry

Welcome to another article in our series, in which we spotlight companies within the Greentech industry. This time, we are turning our attention to those that have their headquarters situated in the beautiful Austrian capital: Vienna. This city, known for its rich history and stunning architecture, is also a hub of environmental technology. In particular, here we’ll take a look into Greentech companies that provide solutions ranging from smart garden systems to helping consumers make informed sustainable choices.

Greentech, the fusion of technology and environment, has gained tremendous momentum as the world increasingly tries to mitigate climate change and its impacts. A report by the World Economic Forum stated that Greentech is one of the fastest-growing industries, significantly contributing to the economy and job market. And, indeed, companies that we’ll review today are reinforcing this notion.

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s bear in mind that these companies are not only reducing our environmental footprint, but are also enhancing efficiency, lowering costs, and improving quality of life. So, let’s introduce you to some of Vienna’s most innovative Greentech companies.


Founded by a progressive quartet, Bernhard Schandl, Doris Wimmer, Elisa Gramlich, and Helene Saurais, Inoqo operates in the Apps, CleanTech, GreenTech, Information Technology, and Sustainability sector. Their mission is to provide scientifically-based data to consumers on the environmental implications of their choices in grocery products. The end-goal- to drive more sustainable, responsible production and consumption patterns. Throw in cues via personalized content, gamification and community challenges, and consumers actively begin pursuing a sustainable lifestyle. Facebook | LinkedIn.

viRaTechnologies GmbH

Alexander Lampret and Roland Groesslich are the masterminds behind viRaTechnologies. Their product, viRaCube, is your garden’s intelligent assistant. It uses sensors to automate irrigation based on soil moisture and other essential parameters. Expanding the idea of smart homes to gardens, viRaCube is oriented toward ecology efficiency, using solar energy to power its outdoor devices. Facebook | LinkedIn.


Metriox, initiated by Michael Stark, employs Big Data, IoT, and Predictive Analytics in their operations. Targeting customer-specific needs, they pave the way for digitization, transforming raw data into valuable, insightful information. Primarily involved in IoT and telematics solutions, they also offer consultation services. LinkedIn.

Green4Cities GmbH

Green4Cities offers customized solutions for implementing green visions. They aim to guide cities toward resilience in the face of climate change and enhanced quality of living by providing specialized solutions in the field of technical research and development.


Dachgold provides economic efficiency consulting and calculation of solar production costs. With a driving mission of “A solar system on every company roof”, they have initiated the largest project Tausendundein Dach, aiming to provide companies with comprehensive solutions for installing photovoltaic systems. Facebook | LinkedIn.

Tausendundein Dach

Tausendundein Dach, operating in a similar domain as Dachgold, aims to equip a thousand and one company roofs with photovoltaic systems. They provide turnkey solutions right from planning to implementation. Facebook | LinkedIn.


Founded by Daniel Wiederkehr-Prundianu and Valerie Wiederkehr, Greenpaca is a platform to aid the discovery of green startups. Not only users can suggest startups, but the founders of listed startups can add more details about their venture. They aim to spotlight green startups and empower them to drive their mission further. LinkedIn.

Eco Logisca

Crafted by Jerry Nicolas, Eco Logisca is working towards promoting and distributing locally grown organic products across Europe. They aim to contribute towards both, sustainable agricultural practices and energy sustainability. Their platform serves as a go-to place for food-conscious individuals seeking cost-options in an inflationary market.

Written by Mark Smith

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