Vienna-Based Innovators Leading the Charge in Energy Efficiency Technologies

Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is known for more than just its rich history and magnificent architecture. Rising from the heart of Europe, Vienna is emerging as a leading hub for innovation in energy efficiency, pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability. Vienna’s vibrant energy efficiency sector is on the frontline against climate change, playing a vital role in achieving our global sustainability goals. This article highlights a selection of leading companies headquartered in Vienna that are making waves in the energy efficiency industry.

Energy efficiency, very simply expressed, is about using less energy to provide the same level of energy service. While energy efficiency can imply a reduction of energy consumption, it more often is about doing more with the same or even increasing energy usage to create more output. Technology is the vital tool in achieving this energy efficiency. Welcome to a world where physical systems connect with information networks, where data drives decision-making, and where software innovation fuels business growth.

In the heart of Vienna, these companies are combining tech with environmental stewardship, creating solutions that are both economically and ecologically sound. From monitoring systems that optimize power plant production to software solutions promoting sustainability, Viennese companies in the energy efficiency sector are creating a new paradigm for power generation and usage.


Founded by Janice Goodenough, Hydrogrid offers optimal production planning and dispatch SaaS solutions that increase revenues by synchronizing production to power markets and weather conditions while reducing operational workload. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates or connect with them on LinkedIn.


In the AI sector, twingz, co-founded by Chris H. Leeb, Dietmar Millinger, Falk Wolsky, and Werner Weihs-Sedivy, is specializing in predictive analytics solutions. Visit their website to learn how twingz recognizes activities of appliances and machinery, mining data from electricity meter feeds to deliver valuable insights. Find twingz on Facebook or follow their CEO on LinkedIn.

XYLEM Technologies

Another Vienna-based company, XYLEM Technologies, offers innovative B2B software solutions in the realm of energy efficiency and sustainability, aiming to provide customers with immediate savings and efficiency gains. Connect with them on their Facebook page, their Linkedin or visit their website., a real estate classifieds firm, founded by Anna Pölzl, Benjamin Mörzinger, and Markus Hoffmann. Visit their website or check their LinkedIn profile for more.

QGate Innovation GmbH

Another significant player in the market is QGate Innovation GmbH, a company operating in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector. You can check out their website for more info on their IoT platform and services.


ETHUS, founded by Marcel Grosskopf, is another company to watch in Vienna’s energy technology innovation scene. Visit their website or check their LinkedIn profile.


Dachgold specializes in offering solar production cost calculations and efficiency consulting for companies in Austria. Visit their website, follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook page, or join their network on Linkedin.

Tausendundein Dach

Last but not least, the company Tausendundein Dach is committed to bringing photovoltaic systems to over a thousand company roofs by 2020. Visit their website, follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook page, or link up with them on Linkedin.

These Vienna-based companies are just a glimpse into the thriving technology innovation and energy efficiency sector in Austria. Cultivating a future where sustainability and business growth go hand in hand, these Viennese pioneers are indeed lighting the way forward.

Written by Mark Smith

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