Waller, Texas: Epicenter of Innovative Oil and Gas Tech Companies


Waller, a small town in Texas, is quickly emerging as a key player in America’s Oil and Gas industry. Despite its modest size, Waller hosts the headquarters of an impressive compilation of companies in the energy sector. This article will introduce and provide brief overviews of these companies, showcasing the diversity and strength of the Oil and Gas industry companies flourishing in Waller.

Each of these organisations contributes significantly to the local economy and maintains a broad influence in the global Oil and Gas market. Not only do they reflect Waller’s dynamic growth but they also represent the town’s commitment to driving cutting-edge advancements in energy production. In this article, we provide snapshot bios of each company along with links to their websites and social media networks.

Regardless of their differing specializations and areas of expertise within the Oil and Gas industry, these companies in Waller share a drive for innovation, commitment to sustainability and a knack for shattering the status quo.

Alegacy Equipment

Alegacy Equipment specializes in the Energy, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Packaging Services and Project Management sectors. Detailed information about the founders and a comprehensive description of the company can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

PetroQuip Energy Services

With interests in the Energy, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Manufacturing and Oil and Gas sectors, PetroQuip Energy Services stands tall as a multifaceted player in the industry. Stay tuned to their LinkedIn profile for exciting updates and news.

Premier Coil Solutions

Operating in the Industrial, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas sectors, Premier Coil Solutions serves as a crucial player in the industry. You can connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Garzo holds a solid presence in the Industrial Engineering, Machinery Manufacturing and the Oil and Gas sectors. Check back soon to find their comprehensive bio and links to their social media networks.

White Star Pump

White Star Pump is a magnate in the industrial, manufacturing and oil and gas sectors, earning a reputation for their mud pump services. More about their founders and what they do best is available on their LinkedIn profile.

Boar Pipeline

Boar Pipeline, a company conceived by Stuart Musslewhite, specializes in the Chemical, Consulting and Oil and Gas industry. They offer a range of services including pigging valves, pig retrieval poles and dust suppression bags. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mechanical Testing Service

Randy Sullivan’s Mechanical Testing Service operates in the Mechanical Engineering, Oil and Gas and Test and Measurement sectors. Stay updated with their latest news and services on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Fab Services

Fab Services leverages a strong presence in the Building Material, Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas sectors. Meet their formidable team and get a glimpse of their operations on Facebook and LinkedIn.

AllTex Welding Supply

AllTex Welding Supply confidently takes on the Industrial, Industrial Engineering and the Oil and Gas sector challenges. To learn more about this industry powerhouse, visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

We anticipate more companies moving their headquarters to Waller, leveraging the incredible energy and commitment this industrious Texan town offers towards driving future oil and gas innovation.


Written by Mark Smith

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