Advancing Sofia’s Energy Landscape: Innovative Energy Firms in Bulgaria’s Capital

As the world pivots towards cleaner, efficient and more sustainable sources of energy, several innovative companies spring up at the heart of this ongoing transformation. One city that’s emerging as a hub for forward-thinking energy organisations is Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. This article will delve into some of these companies headquartered in Sofia, offering a brief overview of their distinct contributions to the energy industry.

These businesses range from enterprises concentrating on the application of novel technologies such as electric vehicle integrations, green tech innovations, and smart building solutions, to companies focused on renewable energy, oil, gas, and semiconductor enhancements. Each company adds a unique value to the energy market, driven by their commitment to effectiveness, security, and reducing environmental impacts.

Regardless of their exact focus within the industry, each of these companies exemplify the thriving energy sector in Sofia. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of Sofia’s most exciting energy companies.


Founded by Alexander Alexiev, Orlin Radev, and Stefan Ivanov, AMPECO is at the forefront of the Automotive, Electric Vehicle, and Energy software sectors. Their primary objective is to enable large scale electric vehicle charging providers to establish and enhance their businesses. The company’s versatile and inclusive EV charging management platform provides solutions for public, private, and home applications.Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter.


Developing expertise in hydrogen technology and green tech space, Hydrogenera are pioneers in their industry, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.


Co-founded by Blagovest Dimitrov, Lyubomir Yanchev, Tzvetko Sabev, and Violeta Mitsova, MClimate is a prominent name in the realm of smart home technologies. They design consumer electronics for better energy efficiency and automation. Aiding in home comfort, security, and energy savings, their products are now implemented widely in smart cities all around the world. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


TokWise, co-founded by Julien MARCENAC, Krasimir Kolev, and Vassil Vassilev, is a tech platform dedicated to optimizing green energy technologies. Offering real-time position management, portfolio forecasting, commercial optimization, and energy data management, their contributions to renewable energy are significant. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.

TSG Group

Founded by Jean Marc Bianchi, TSG Group operates in the construction, energy, fuel, oil and gas industries, providing comprehensive solutions for a variety of energy-related needs. Follow them on LinkedIn.

CEZ Bulgaria

CEZ Bulgaria is a key player in the Bulgarian electrical distribution and energy industry. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Founded by Ivo Prokopiev, Renalfa is a recognized name in the renewable energy and semiconductor industry. Follow them on Linkedin.

Overgas Inc.

Operating in the energy, manufacturing, and renewable energy sectors, Overgas Inc. has made significant contributions to the industry. Connect with them on Twitter and Linkedin.

LEAD Consult

Established by ALEXANDER NIKOLOV and DRAGOMIR STANCHEV, LEAD Consult provides valuable consulting services in the energy and financial sectors along with software development and IT outsourcing. Connect with them on Facebook and Linkedin.

PV Consult

Specializing in the development, construction, and maintenance of frontier and solar markets, PV Consult is making strides in various renewable energy projects. Connect with them on Twitter and Linkedin.

Solarpro Holding

Founded by Ivo Prokopiev, Solarpro Holding leads in the energy and semiconductor sector. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Written by Mark Smith

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