Revolutionizing French Energy: Insightful look at Nantes-Based Futuristic Companies

Nantes, located in Pays de la Loire, France, has become a hub for innovative energy companies. These companies range across industries from consumer electronics, manufacturing, renewable energy, and more. This series of articles will introduce you to some of the key players in the energy industry whose headquarters are based in this vibrant city.

These companies operate in a range of sectors, from renewable energy to energy management, and bring unique innovations and solutions to the energy industry. From developing green hydrogen for mobility, to building floating solar power plants for near-shore locations and providing energy optimization projects in a range of fields, these companies are at the forefront of energy innovation. They are driving the energy industry forward and are making substantial contributions to sustainable development and green energy solutions around the globe.

Let’s start our exploration with the first company on our list:


Cofounded by Matthieu Guesné and Territoire d’Energie Mayenne, Lhyfe operates in the energy management and renewable energy sectors. The company is a developer, investor, and supplier of 100% green hydrogen for mobility and industry. You can connect with Lhyfe on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter @Lhyfe_hydrogen.

Beem Energy

Founded by Pierre- Emmanuel ROGER and Ralph FEGHALI in 2018, Beem Energy offers a simple-to-install solar kit that allows users to generate green electricity in just a few minutes. You can learn more about Beem Energy on their Facebook page or on LinkedIn.


EQUIUM brings together academic, industrial, and business players from Pays de Loire and Brittany to create the French market for acoustic heat pumps. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


HelioRec, founded by Polina Vasilenko, is building floating solar power plants for near-shore locations where half of the global population lives. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Naoden was founded in 2015 by Cyril Terrien, Erik Mouillé, and Paul Boireau. The company is a manufacturer and integrator of solutions for the production of heat and electricity by gasification of biomass. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Alterea Group

Founded by Alban Lapierre, Alterea delivers renovation projects, construction and energy optimization projects in the areas of social and condominiums, public works, tertiary buildings, commercial, industrial and medical.

Collectif Énergie

Collectif Énergie is an energy optimization partner for professional networks. You can learn more about their services on their Facebook page or connect with them on LinkedIn.


QIVIVO, founded by Adrien Suire, is an energy savings provider that provides the temperature of the comforts of home cheaper for households. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Benedicte Pleau, EnerDigit is specialized in the valuation of consumer erasures. They remunerate manufacturers in exchange for a shift in their electricity consumption by a few hours per year. You can connect with them on Twitter or LinkedIn.


GREENSPECTOR provides energy efficiency for mobile and IoT applications. Connect with them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Bet Luc Moreau

Bet Luc Moreau is a technical design office that provides thermal and fluid engineering, heating, ventilation, sanitary plumbing, and more. You can follow them on Twitter

Each of these companies from Nantes is contributing in its unique way to the energy industry. Whether it’s through the creation of innovative products or through groundbreaking research and development, they demonstrate the uptake of sustainable energy solutions in the Pays de la Loire region.

Written by Mark Smith

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