Ahmedabad Innovators: Pioneering Gujarat’s Renewable Energy Industry Landscape

Ahmedabad: The Epicenter of India’s Renewable Energy Revolution

India is making significant strides in the renewable energy sector as the nation continues to find innovative, eco-conscious ways to meet its burgeoning electricity demand. A key player in this green transition is the buzzing city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Well-known as the state’s commercial hub, Ahmedabad is steadily emerging as a trailblazer in the renewable energy landscape with several leading companies having established their headquarters in the city.

The array of companies span the sector’s spectrum including solar, wind, information technology, security, environmental consulting, and more. Not only are these firms contributing to an environmental cause, but they are also exhibiting impressive growth and market dominance, leveraging technology to develop cutting-edge sustainable solutions.

Let’s explore some of the pioneers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s renewable energy ecosystem and the significant contributions they are making towards shaping a cleaner, greener future for India and the world.

Adani Enterprises

Founded by Gautam Adani, Adani Enterprises is a diversified conglomerate with interests in renewable energy and manufacturing, among others. The company has made a significant mark with its remarkable infrastructural assets contributing to nation-building. Their portfolio encompasses integrated coal management and mining, edible oils and food products, and solar cells and module manufacturing. Connect with them on
Facebook and LinkedIn.

Adani Green Energy

Also founded by Gautam Adani, Adani Green Energy develops, builds, operates, and maintains solar and wind farm projects. They are front-runners in the movement towards a cleaner future for India – their contribution to the renewable energy sector is underpinned by the Adani Group’s philosophy of ‘Growth with Goodness’.

Adani Gas

Another Adani Group venture plays a crucial role in the renewable energy sector. Adani Gas is developing City Gas Distribution (CGD) networks to supply the Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to multiple sectors. They use their social media channels Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep the public updated about their progress.

Pioneer Security Solutions Pvt Ltd

Pioneer Security Solutions Pvt Ltd is an Ahmedabad-based security solution company. They claim to offer the city’s topmost security services, with a keen focus on providing security for solar power plants. The company also supports a team of well-trained security personnel who cater to various sectors. You can follow their work on Facebook and Twitter.

Inox Green Energy Services

Inox Green Energy Services is a dedicated wind power operation and maintenance service provider. From ensuring the efficient running of wind turbines to timely maintenance of these green energy generators, Inox takes care of all end-to-end operational aspects.


Ezysolare, founded by Anmol Jaggi and Puneet Jaggi, is a venture-funded Ahmedabad-based tech startup. The company is aiming to revolutionize the solar industry by making the process of going solar online, thus making it easy, cost-effective, and hassle-free. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Photom Technologies

Founded by Himmat Singh, Photom Technologies is driven by a mission to have a positive impact on the future through their advanced products. The team comprises creative thinkers and rebels working continuously to develop globally sustainable high-tech products. Follow their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Anik Agrawal, Hannah Drake, and Ritesh Kothari, Enerlytics operates within the intersection of renewable energy and environmental engineering. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Lume Solar

Lume Solar provides renewable energy solutions, solar roofing systems, solar power plants, and solar street lamps. You can follow their work on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Taylormade Renewables

Founded by Jayesh Shah, Taylormade Renewables is curious by name, innovative by nature. They play an influential role in the renewable energy sector of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Kanoda Energy Systems

Kanoda Energy Systems is a renewable energy services company that traces its roots back to an incubation project by Research Scholars at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. Follow their progress on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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