Utah’s Pioneering Renewables: Salt Lake City’s Green Energy Innovators Spotlight

Renewable energy is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, and Salt Lake City, Utah, is host to several successful companies pioneering in this arena. The city is home to businesses operating in various sectors of renewable energy including Environmental Consulting, Energy Management, Sustainability, Recycling, and more. This piece aims to spotlight ten of these remarkable companies to highlight their contributions to this ever-evolving field.

All the companies under discussion share the common goal of advancing renewable energy, but each has its unique niche. Whether focusing on wind power, solar power, or other innovative technologies, these organizations are leading the way towards a more sustainable future. This diversity in focus areas is evidence that the renewable energy industry is a dynamic, multi-faceted field that presents numerous opportunities for innovation.

Included in this rundown are not only established industry leaders but also promising startups pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. So let’s dive in and learn more about these companies sculpting the renewable energy landscape amidst the beautiful backdrop of Salt Lake City, Utah.


sPower is prominent in the Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, and Renewable energy sectors. Founded by Chip Everest and Scott Troeller, sPower is an independent power producer owning and operating a significant number of utility and electrical generation systems in the US and UK. The company’s considerable portfolio includes 6.7GW between operations, construction, and pipeline. More about sPower is available on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

GFE Sustainable

Focusing on Energy, Energy Management, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability, GFE Sustainable was co-established by Kevin Dwyer. The company utilizes its asset base to develop and market Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) products, clean water products, clean renewable “green” energy, and Intellectual Property. Some divisions of the company include GFES Clean Water, GFES Clean Energy, and Fresh Valley Harvest. Further information can be discovered on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Final Mile Solar

Final Mile Solar, operating in the Energy, Logistics, Renewable Energy, and Solar industries, was founded by Nate Bendall. Their service involves delivering a full solar service to homes scheduled for installation, using a patent-pending solar rack to transport all materials and components securely. You can find more about their operation on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.


Ceramatec is an industry leader operating in the Energy, Industrial, and Renewable Energy sectors. The company specializes in various energy and industrial solutions. More details can be found on Facebook.

Cyrq Energy

Cyrq Energy operates in Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, and Solar sectors. The company specializes in providing energy solutions to a diverse range of businesses and organizations. More information is available on their LinkedIn page.


Renewlogy is a pioneer in the Environmental Engineering, GreenTech, Recycling, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability industry. Founded by Priyanka Bakaya, Renewlogy focuses on converting waste into valuable products. Stay tuned to their Twitter for updates.

Water & Power Technologies

Water & Power Technologies operates in the Electronics, Energy, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Virtual Reality sectors. The company offers a range of innovative energy and technology solutions designed to help businesses and consumers transition towards a green future.


In the Energy, Renewable Energy, and Software sectors, HOC specializes in offering software solutions for energy industries. The company’s technological solutions play a vital role in optimizing energy usage and implementing renewable energy strategies. HOC’s activities can be tracked on their LinkedIn page.

Energy Management Corporation

The Energy Management Corporation operates in Computer, Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Energy, Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy sectors. Dedicated to offering computer-based energy solutions, the company is a key player in the renewable energy industry. Find more about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

FX Energy

FX Energy was founded by Brian Craig and functions in the Energy, Mining, and Renewable Energy sectors. The company’s main focus is on exploration and production in the Permian Basin. This independent oil and gas exploration and production company became a subsidiary of ORLEN Upstream in December 2015.

Dominion Questar

An industry leader in the Energy and Renewable Energy sectors, Dominion Questar specializes in providing energy solutions and services designed to accelerate the transition towards renewable energy sources.

These ten companies represent just a snapshot of the thriving renewable energy industry in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through their unique solutions and innovative technologies, they are contributing significantly to reshaping the energy landscape and leading us towards a more renewable and sustainable future.

Written by Mark Smith

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