Alberta’s Innovative Grande Prairie Oil and Gas Industry Pioneers Uncovered

Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, a vibrant city located in the southern portion of the Peace River Country, is home to a diverse range of businesses operating in the Oil and Gas industry. The firms function extensively in fields such as energy storage, recycling, energy management, transportation, construction, manufacturing and much more. The world’s need for advancements in the Oil and Gas sector has made Grande Prairie a hub for companies that offer innovative energy solutions. Below, we spotlight a selection of these pioneering companies that are leading the evolution in Oil and Gas.

Green Energy Services

Located in the heart of Grande Prairie, Green Energy Services operates within the Oil and Gas industry, focusing its operations on energy and recycling. You can read more about Green Energy Services in their LinkedIn page.

Rheaume Engineering

Rheaume Engineering is a reliable service provider, offering innovative solutions in energy, energy storage, and Oil and Gas sectors. Find more details about their incredible work in their LinkedIn page.

Phoenix Energy Services

Phoenix Energy Services, another Grande Prairie firm, commits to providing an exceptional customer service experience. They are highly engaged in energy management. Take a look at their LinkedIn page for more information.

Formula Powell

Formula Powell, an influential company in the Oil and Gas industry, offers services related to transportation and warehousing. Their impeccable services have proven instrumental in the industry.

Fabcor TargetCo

Fabcor TargetCo, is a Grande Prairie based construction enterprise operating within the Oil and Gas industry. Known for its part in the pipeline and facility construction services, their contribution has greatly impacted the industry.

Compass Access Solutions

With a deep passion for Clean Energy, Compass Access Solutions is a Grande Prairie based firm that offers remarkable work in the Energy, and Oil and Gas sectors. For more information, see their social media pages: Facebook and LinkedIn


STRAIT group, pioneers in manufacturing within the Oil and Gas industry, are well known for their expertise. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to keep up with their exciting innovations.

Bonnetts Energy Corp

Bonnetts Energy Corp, a key player in energy management, operates extensively in the Oil and Gas industry. They continue to make strides in this field. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated.

Remote Group

The Remote group, a service industry giant, is revolutionizing the wastewater treatment industry. They supply, operate and maintain a mobile fleet of wastewater treatment plants. FInd more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Advantage Valve Maintenance

Specializing in valve maintenance, Advantage Valve Maintenance has proven vital in the Energy, Oil and Gas sector. Visit their LinkedIn page for further details.

Hurley Well Service

Lastly, Hurley Well Service, leaders in the industry, are known for their services in the Energy, Industrial, Oil and Gas sectors. Stay updated with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

As the world’s need for Oil and Gas continues to surge, these Grande Prairie companies are stepping up to provide innovative and sustainable solutions. The future of this industry promises to be as diverse and progressive as the companies that power it.

Written by Mark Smith

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