Revolutionizing Lahore: Innovations in Pakistani Oil and Gas Sector

Lahore, Punjab, with its thriving Oil and Gas industry, is a powerhouse for fossil fuel production and many other derivative industries. This industry has pushed this Pakistani region to the forefront as a key player in the global energy markets. This rich blend of traditional and emerging companies, are creating an impressive panorama for the whole industry. Their flourishment in the energy sector is having beneficial effects on the economy, both locally and globally. Here, we dig deeper into some of the key players that have their headquarters in Lahore. These companies encapsulate the broad spectrum of disciplines involved in the Oil and Gas industry, including insurance, automotive services, manufacturing, natural resources, and industrial chemicals.

Each of these companies will be briefly described in detail, and links to their respective websites will be provided. The companies chosen for this feature include: Adamjee Insurance, Maqbool Textile Mills, PARCO, HI TECH LUBRICANTS LTD, Ghani Global Group, Olympia Group, International Petrochemicals, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines, S S Oil Mills, Kot Addu Power and AEPL.

These organizations have proactively played essential roles in driving growth and contributing to making Lahore, Punjab a center for Oil and Gas operations. They have significantly diversified their portfolios/products, employed advanced technologies, and expanded their geographic footprints to achieve long-term growth and global prominence.

Adamjee Insurance

Adamjee Insurance, is a significant player in the Oil and Gas industry, providing auto, financial and health insurance services. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated with their latest offerings and updates.

Maqbool Textile Mills

Maqbool Textile Mills, an integral member of the local economy, has significant interests in the manufacturing, Oil and Gas and textile industries.


PARCO, a company dedicated to refining, marketing, and transportation of petroleum and related products, brings something special to the Oil and Gas industry. It’s worth following on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay informed.


HI TECH LUBRICANTS LTD began its journey in the Oil and Gas industry in 1997. Renowned for its quality products, Hi-Tech Lubricants marketers imported lubricants from YU Kong Ltd (Now known as SK Lubricants Ltd.) in South Korea. Don’t forget to check their Facebook page.

Ghani Global Group

Based in Lahore, Ghani Global Group operates in the industrial, manufacturing and Oil and Gas sectors, showcasing true diversity in its operations.

Olympia Group

Olympia Group services a variety of domains including agriculture, farming, food processing, manufacturing, and Oil and Gas. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

International Petrochemicals

International Petrochemicals, founded in 1978, specialises in providing essential industrial raw materials. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines operates across multiple sectors, including energy, Oil and Gas, and supply chain management. Check out their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated.

S S Oil Mills

S S Oil Mills operates in the Oil and Gas manufacturing industry and is a respectible entity. Visit their Facebook page for updates.

Kot Addu Power

Kot Addu Power’s operations are nestled within the oil and gas sector. Network with them on LinkedIn.


AEPL, a company operating in the energy, industrial and Oil and Gas markets. Keep in touch on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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