Augmented Reality Innovators: Spotlight on Denver-Based Tech Enterprises

Augmented Reality (AR) is at the epicenter of the biggest technological revolution in recent times. At the forefront of this revolution are an array of Denver-based companies, committing their resources to shape the future we live in. As part of our series highlighting companies headquartered in Denver, Colorado dealing in AR, we focus in this article on a few luminaries — each with its distinct mission and passion but ultimately converging at the same goal of merging the physical and digital worlds to create a truly augmented reality.

From start-ups developing wearable haptic devices to enrich human perception to investment firms capitalizing on AR’s promise to traditional industries, Denver, Colorado is fast becoming the heartbeat of the AR revolution. The companies outlined in this article convincingly display how an amalgamation of technology, creativity, and vision can direct us not only towards an entirely new world of possibilities but a more efficient, immersive, and sustainable future.

Join us as we explore the companies staking a claim for Denver, Colorado in the heartland of futuristic technology.

Somatic Labs

Founders: Ajay Karpur, Jacob Rockland, Shantanu Bala
Industry: Aerospace, Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Human Computer Interaction, Wearables
Developing haptic devices to augment human perception, Somatic Labs are turning one’s sense of touch into a medium for real-time information. The Zorb platform creates high resolution tactile patterns that move across the skin, which goes beyond, ordinary taps or vibrations.
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Stout Street Capital

Founders: Clay Gordon, John Francis
Industry: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
A reasoning investment approach and focusing on early-stage tech companies, Stout Street Capital backs innovators in software, fin tech, advanced materials, robotics and more using abundant data analysis and market belvedere.


Founders: Tyler Woods
Industry: 3D Technology, Animation, Augmented Reality, etc.
Intervoke focuses on creating scientifically accurate 3D content for training applications, animated videos, and 3D interactive structures using WebGL and is usable from anywhere.
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Museum of AI

Founders: Tracy Altman
Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, etc.
Museum of AI aims to show how humans and machines can work together effectively. They share engaging stories to educate the audience on how AI makes decisions and assess its generated evidence.
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Founders: John Jedziniak
Industry:Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, etc.
Novvo is an AI, AR and Blockchain innovator.
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Urban Interactive Studio

Industry: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
Urban Interactive Studio uses immersive AR and VR solutions to revolutionize how citizens engage in public discourse at the local government level.
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Written by Mark Smith

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