Austin’s Innovative Solar Industry Pioneers: Spotlight on Texas Tech Titans

The solar industry is a thriving and exciting sector, one that has become a cornerstone of the clean, renewable energy movement. An increasingly significant number of companies operating in this domain have made Austin, Texas, their headquarters, exemplifying the rising significance of the city as a global hub for renewable energy innovation. This article will highlight several such companies that are making significant contributions in the field of solar energy:

Austin, with its vibrant blend of culture and technology, presents a unique ecosystem that fosters innovation, growth, and development in various fields, more so in the energy sector. Backing these developments are the enterprising businesses that are working relentlessly to create a more sustainable and energy-efficient future for our planet. Today, we shine the spotlight on companies operating in the Solar industry that have their headquarters in the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

An exciting mix of established companies and ambitious start-ups, Austin’s solar sector has been at the forefront of technological advances, creating solutions for affordable solar energy and championing the cause of green energy for a more sustainable world. Let’s delve deeper into some these companies and their significant contributions to the solar industry:

Yotta Energy

Founded by Omeed Badkoobeh and Vikram Iyengar, Yotta Energy is a pioneer in the energy, mining, and solar industries. The company is revolutionizing energy storage with the development of a modular device, the SolarLEAF™. This innovative battery storage device integrates with solar power systems and aims to minimize the costs associated with implementing and maintaining energy storage solutions. You can connect with them on Linkedin and Twitter.

SolarBridge Technologies

Established by Patrick Chapman and Philip Krein, SolarBridge Technologies has been a key player in the electronics, manufacturing, and solar sectors since its inception in 2004. The company has focused its resources on creating high-quality microinverter and monitoring solutions for the solar industry. You can reach them on Facebook and Twitter.

PowerFin Partners

Founded by Tuan Pham, PowerFin Partners operates in the power grid, project management, and solar industries. With a focus on integrity and reliability, the company’s extensive experience includes early-stage development, construction, and post-commissioning management of solar projects. For more information, explore their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.


Atonometrics, established in 2007, designs and sells soiling and irradiance measurement products for outdoor use on PV installations worldwide. They are a prime choice for any solar photovoltaics industry professional. You can read more about Atonometrics on their LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

Circular Energy

Circular Energy, founded by JC Shore, it is a top service provider in Texas offering design and installation services for homeowners and commercial property owners who wish to shift to solar power. You can find more about them on their Facebook and Twitter profiles.


Established by B.J. Stanbery, HelioVolt has brought revolutionary progress to solar cell manufacturing, by creating technology to produce thin solar cells that are cost-effective and easy to manufacture. Learn more about HelioVolt through its LinkedIn profile.

FTC Solar

Founded by Ahmad Chatila, FTC Solar a global provider of solar tracker systems, software, and engineering services, offers innovative tracker designs which significantly increase energy production at solar power installations. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

Green Mountain Energy

Led by Kevin Hartley, Green Mountain Energy offers alternative energy generation and distribution services. The company has been at the forefront of the clean energy movement since its inception in 1997. You can interact with them on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Treaty Oak Clean Energy

Treaty Oak Clean Energy is one of the companies elevating Austin’s status as a hub for solar energy development.

Kinect Solar

Operating in the logistics, shipping, solar, and supply chain management industries, Kinect Solar bridges the gap between manufacturers and solar installers by offering efficient logistics solutions. Connect with them on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.

Mercom Capital Group

Mercom Capital Group, founded by Raj and Wendy Prabhu, is a clean energy communications and consulting firm that also provides critical industry market intelligence, report and strategic advisory services in the solar energy, wind energy, and smart grid sectors. Check out their Twitter page to stay updated.

The solar industry in Austin is a hotbed of innovation and these companies are leading the charge in their respective fields. With their tireless efforts to create a more sustainable and energy-efficient future, Austin has truly become a key player in the global solar landscape.

Written by Mark Smith

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