Solar Power Titans in New Delhi Revolutionizing Renewable Energy Sector

The Indian subcontinent is privileged to receive copious amounts of sunlight throughout the year. Leveraging this abundant resource, many solar power companies have sprung up in India, many of which are based out of the nation’s capital, New Delhi. These firms incorporate advanced solar technology to catapult the region towards a green future, their endeavours aligning perfectly with the country’s goal to deliver electricity to every household by harnessing renewable energy. Kings of the solar industry in Delhi, these companies are playing a leading role in the worldwide transition to sustainable power.

These luminary firms not only employ breakthrough photovoltaic technologies to turn sunshine into electricity but also offer innovative solutions to make solar energy more accessible and affordable, thus aiding India’s cleaner, greener and brighter future. The following is a detailed look at these solar companies headquartered in New Delhi, including information about their founders, their mission, and how they’re innovating in the field of solar energy.

Each of these companies is a part of a bigger industry picture, that of a giant leap towards an eco-friendly alternative to current energy generation methods. By expanding the adoption of solar energy, these companies are playing an essential role in reducing India’s carbon footprint, making significant contributions towards combating climate change, assuring energy security, and delivering on India’s commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Azure Power

Founded by Inderpreet Wadhwa and Preet Sandhu, Azure Power delivers clean and affordable solar energy to its customers without having them to pay for the high asset or operational costs upfront. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Welspun Energy

With a clear vision for the environment, Welspun Energy, a venture by Balkrishna Goenka seeks to transform India with its green power plants. They’re on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Claro Energy

Led by Kartik Wahi and Soumitra Mishra, Claro Energy operates in high-power deficit, diesel-dependent areas of India, bringing solar energy for large-scale irrigation and power solutions. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Inficold, created by Himanshu Pokharna and Nitin Goel, is working in the CleanTech and solar energy sectors, making a name for themselves. Get connected with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Solar Labs

The Solar Labs, founded by Abhay Singh, Ankush Jindal, Devang Bacharwar, and Siddharth Gangal, specializes in developing software that allows for the optimized design of solar systems and the creation of preliminary sales quotations. Find them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Moser Baer Solar

One of India’s leading technology companies, Moser Baer Solar, uses cutting-edge technology to become a leading global manufacturer of optical storage media. You can find them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Inder T. Jaisinghani, Polycab is a manufacturer of wires, cables, and other electrical goods, including solar products. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We Do Sky

We Do Sky, founded by Jaspreet Makkar, offers a range of products, including umbrellas in various categories. Find them in action on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Okaya Power

Founded by Rajesh Gupta, Okaya Power is known for its wide range of powerful batteries, including solar batteries. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Green Infra Ltd.

Green Infra Ltd. is a privately-held company, producing and providing renewable power in various forms, including solar, throughout India.

National Physical Laboratory

The National Physical Laboratory is a leading light in the field of solar research and development, making significant contributions to India’s solar industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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