Bakersfield-Based Innovators Transforming the Recycling Industry Landscape

The revolution of the recycling industry continues to make waves in our rapidly advancing world. As we draw our focus to the city of Bakersfield, California, diverse companies stand out for their contribution to the green movement. These companies, leading with innovative environmental solutions, are committed to workforce sustainability and the ethos of conservation. Ranging from machinery manufacturing to wastewater management, they offer much-needed services with greener approaches. For this article, we have brought together eight prominent companies in different sectors of the recycling industry, all headquartered in Bakersfield, California.

These companies represent the environmental diligence of this Californian city. The diversified industry in recycling brings meaningful value to the work they do, reflecting how Bakersfield companies strive to reduce environmental harm. Let’s delve in and get to know each of these companies in detail.

The list of companies is filled with pioneers who, through their well-rounded capabilities, leverage technology with a green thumb. The following are the featured companies:

Sierra International Machinery

Sierra International Machinery is a company that specializes in the B2B, Machinery Manufacturing, and Recycling industries. Their operations include industrial, oil and gas recycling, which contributes to sustainability in a significant way. For more information, you can follow them through their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts.

Varner Bros

Varner Bros operates in the sectors of Environmental Consulting, Recycling, and Waste Management. They have dedicated professionals and offer cost-effective and reliable environmental services. Their expertise in the recycling sector and their sustainable practices make them a major player in the local recycling industry.

Bowman Asphalt

Bowman Asphalt is a construction company integrating Project Management, Building Material, Civil Engineering, and Recycling services. Within their diversified role, the company successfully implements recycling processes into their operations. You can find out more about what they do on their Facebook page.

Sierra Recycling and Demolition

Sierra Recycling and Demolition offers a wide range of services including auto and equipment recycling, industrial, demolition services, oil field services, and scrap metal recycling. This comprehensive offering makes them a unique player in the recycling industry. Feel free to check them out on their Facebook and Linkedin profiles.

J. Torres Company

J. Torres Company is a Bakersfield-based company that offers commercial solid waste collection, residential and commercial recycling services, the operation of a materials recovery facility, green waste composting operations, and sanitary landfill management. Their powerful presence could be felt on their
Linkedin page.

USA Green Plastic Recycling

USA Green Plastic Recycling, as the name indicates, is dedicated to the recycling of plastic waste. They operate in the Industrial, Recycling, and Waste Management sectors, offering effective solutions. Their progress in the recycling industry can be followed on their Linkedin account.

Wastewater Solutions

Wastewater Solutions specializes in Manufacturing, Recycling, and Water industries. They offer services for wastewater treatment and management. The company is driven by the ambition to provide environmentally friendly solutions for wastewater management, constantly improving their operations for better sustainability.

The companies highlighted above are strong advocates for sustainability in Bakersfield, California. Their dedication and innovations continue to push the recycling industry forward, transforming waste into valuable resources and making our world a cleaner, healthier place to live.

Written by Mark Smith

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