Milano’s Innovative Recycling Companies Revolutionizing Italy’s Sustainable Tech Industry

In our ongoing exploration of innovative companies at the forefront of recycling technology, we turn our gaze towards the vibrant city of Milano, Lombardia, Italy. This historical and cosmopolitan metropolis, known worldwide for its contribution to arts, fashion, design and culture, is currently home to a trio of companies making considerable strides in recycling, waste management, and eco-friendly consumer products. Each of these forward-thinking entities operates in diverse areas of the recycling industry, enacting effective change in how we view and handle waste management.

From using recycled material to fashion clothing to developing sustainable methods for handling food waste and processing used containers for recycling, these companies successfully blend business innovation with a keen focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Indeed, their ability to create value from waste serves as a testament to the great possibilities of recycling technology and sets the bar high for aspiring start-ups in the industry.

The purpose of this series is to shine a spotlight on these cutting-edge companies, provide an overview of their operations, and examine the strategies adopted in their pursuit of a greener world. Without further ado, let us delve into the inspiring world of these Milan-based recycling companies.


Showcasing a unique approach to eco-fashion, Bragoon offers an array of clothing made from recycled plastic bottles. Their assortment includes a variety of tartan rain trousers, ziggy trousers, flower power trousers, and other uniquely named products. Catering to the modern consumer’s lifestyle, they offer shipping and delivery services across their range. Connect with Bragoon via their Facebook,LinkedIn and follow them on their Twitter.


Ecopneus is a non-profit recycling body making waves in the waste management sector, though the specific details of their operations remain unlisted. You can keep in touch with their initiatives via their Facebook, LinkedIn or follow their updates on their Twitter.

Ecofast Italia

Operating in machinery manufacturing and product design, Ecofast Italia primarily offers disposers with impressive grinding performance and new silent motors. They provide these effective on-site solutions to multiutility companies in food waste management, aiming to divert food waste streams from landfills to recycling plants. Keep up with Ecofast Italia on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter platforms.


Employing an automated method for collecting, sorting, and returning used containers for recycling or reuse, Ripet offer eco compactors for separate collection of PET bottles and aluminium cans. Their approach takes advantage of renewable energy and directly addresses waste management problems.

SCR Packaging

At the intersection of eco-friendliness and convenience rests SCR Packaging. This company provides compostable and recyclable packaging, using novel coating technology to create new packaging configurations for green solutions.

Montalbano Recycling

Another notable entity focusing on construction product design and recycling is Montalbano Recycling. This company designs and produces systems for managing a variety of waste, including urban solid waste, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, electronic cards, construction and demolition waste, glass, and paper. Learn more about their work via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

La Figurina Shop

Lastly, we have La Figurina Shop, an e-commerce platform that offers various recycled products, further fostering consumer participation in the recycling economy. Follow their story through their Facebook page and Twitter updates.

In conclusion, these Milan-based companies are catalysts for change in the recycling industry, proving that an incorporation of environmental consciousness into their business model not only provides value to the economy but also contributes significantly to the betterment of our world. By championing progressive technologies and innovative thinking, they keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within recycling and waste management, both now and in the future.

Written by Mark Smith

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