Baltimore-Based Green Tech Leaders Transforming Environmental Consulting Industry

The rise of environmental concerns globally has led to an increased demand for environmental consulting services. Herein lies the importance of addressing environmental issues in the business world, notably within the state of Maryland. This article, part of our series focusing on the city of Baltimore, Maryland, will explore 12 local environmental consulting companies that are leading the way in providing innovative solutions to environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices.

Baltimore, known for its historic neighborhoods, monuments, and coastal charms, is also establishing itself as a hub for environmental consultancy. These companies provide a range of services from waste management, quality assurance, and environmental engineering to public safety and green building solutions. Let’s delve in and learn more about these pioneering companies shaping the ecological future of this great city.

The companies featured are leaders in their respective fields, providing a variety of services that address environmental challenges of all scales. Perhaps most important is their shared commitment to making Baltimore a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable city for generations to come.

Mundea Group

Founded by Mark Hollak, Mundea Group specializes in waste management and environmental consulting. Mundea provides integrated waste management solutions to organizations seeking to save resources on waste management and divert waste in new directions. Their services include managing trash collection, compost collection, and recycling collection services. Find them on Facebook here.

Pace Environmental

Pace Environmental operates in the realms of biotechnology, environmental consulting, and environmental engineering, providing vital services to businesses and organizations city-wide. Their presence on the web includes a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile.

Maryland Spectral Services

As an independent laboratory, Maryland Spectral Services provides quality assurance in their environmental consulting. The lab is equipped with modern analytical and support equipment that operates under a strict calibration and maintenance program. Their online presence extends to Facebook and Linkedin.

Cockey’s Enterprises

Providing services in environmental consulting, recycling, and waste management, Cockey’s Enterprises is committed to providing efficient and effective solutions for their clientele. You can find more information about them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Summit Chemical

Operating in the chemicals, environmental consulting and manufacturing sectors, Summit Chemical is a critical player in Baltimore’s environmental landscape. Their social presence extends to their Facebook page where they engage actively with their followers.

EHA Consulting Group

The EHA Consulting Group offers a plethora of public health, environmental consulting, and food safety services. From growers to retailers, businesses across the food industry value their expert solutions. Follow them on Twitter @EHAConsultingGp and find them on LinkedIn.

Arc Environmental

Arc Environmental provides a range of environmental consulting services, such as environmental site assessments and energy efficiency audits. Stay updated with their latest developments on Twitter @ArcEnvironmentl or on LinkedIn.


Founded by David Pratt and Neal Fiorelli, Lorax provides sustainability solutions in construction and green building initiatives. Find out more about their efforts on Facebook, Twitter at @green_lorax, and LinkedIn.

Biomedical Waste Services

Biomedical Waste Services offers a range of environmentally conscious services such as biohazardous waste and secure document shredding. For more information, check their Facebook, Twitter at @BWSincorp, and LinkedIn profiles.

Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition

The Greater Baltimore Wilderness Coalition is a collective working towards promoting discovery, biodiversity and resilience. They engage the community through Facebook.

Baltimore Tree Trust

The Baltimore Tree Trust, a non-profit involved in environmental consulting, is doing remarkable work in the green space. You can find out more about their initiatives on their Facebook page, Twitter at @Balt_treetrust, and LinkedIn profile.

Written by Mark Smith

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