Edinburgh’s Innovators in Environmental Consulting: Pioneering Sustainable Practices

Edinburgh, the historic and vibrant capital of Scotland, is a hub for many flourishing industries. Among them, the Environmental Consulting industry is gaining momentum with companies that are committed to creating changes for a sustainable future. From Renewable Energy to Waste Management, these firms provide essential services that seek to reduce environmental impact and support sustainable development.

The industry itself is diverse, ranging from consulting firms specializing in renewable energy to companies focusing on environmental data analytics. Regardless of their distinct areas of expertise, what all these companies have in common is their commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Here, we highlight ten Edinburgh-based companies operating in the Environmental Consulting industry that are making significant contributions to a greener world.

Each company has its unique vision, strategy, and cutting-edge solutions to tackle environmental challenges. This list is by no means exhaustive but serves as a lens to view the crucial environmental work being conducted in Edinburgh, and perhaps draw inspiration for future sustainable endeavors anywhere in the world.


Gravitricity, founded by Charlie Blair, Martin Wright, and Peter Fraenkel, develops an innovative storage technology providing an alternative to lithium batteries and pumped storage. The company participates in the arena of Environmental Consulting and Renewable Energy, bringing fresh ideas and technological advancements to both sectors. Follow them on Linkedin.

This is Unfolded

This Is Unfolded stands out in the Environmental Consulting and Waste Management industry with its commitment to ethical clothing production and waste minimization. This environmentally conscious business touches the lives of many, promising cost-effectiveness without compromising ethical standards. Keep updated with their latest news on Facebook and Twitter.


Carbogenics, the brainchild of founders Franziska Srocke, Jan Mumme, and Lidia Krzynowek, offers sustainable bio-additives designed to optimize the anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment industries. Keep an eye on their groundbreaking technology and innovations on their Linkedin page.

Space Intelligence

As a leading player in the Business Intelligence and Environmental Consulting sectors, Space Intelligence uses their technological prowess and expertise in satellite and ecological data analysis to develop and verify Nature Based Solutions and Sustainability-linked financial instruments. Learn more about their work on Linkedin.

Forest Carbon

Founded by James Hepburne Scott and Stephen Prior, Forest Carbon is a bright force in the Consulting, Environmental Consulting, Forestry, and Sustainability sectors. They have made their mark with a mission to promote forestry projects sequestering carbon. Learn more about them on their Linkedin page.

Ventient Energy

Ventient Energy operates in the Energy, Environmental Consulting, and Renewable Energy sections. They carve a path for others to follow with their commitment to developing renewable energy capabilities. Stay in touch with their progress on Linkedin.

National Trust For Scotland

The National Trust for Scotland is a cherished institution operating as a charity in the sectors of Environmental Consulting, Natural Resources, and Non-Profit. Stay updated with their continuing mission to conserve Scotland’s national treasures on Linkedin.


Locogen is a prominent name in the Energy, Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, and Renewable Energy sectors. They have established a reputation as an innovative company in these areas. Learn more about their projects on Linkedin.

Apsu Environmental

Apsu Environmental is a trailblazer in the Environmental Consulting, Machinery Manufacturing, and Waste Management industries. They’ve developed advanced treatment stations to decontaminate and recycle road water run-off, providing ground-breaking solutions to environmental challenges.

Berwicks Consultants

Founder Dougie Keelan’s Berwicks Consultants operates in the Consulting, Environmental Consulting, and Management Consulting sectors. You can follow their advancements in environmental consulting work on Linkedin.

Recyclatech Group Ltd.

Recyclatech Group Ltd. engineers a unique patented devulcanisation technology that enables the reprocessing of waste rubber tyres into reusable rubber sans environmental impact, contributing to the Environmental Consulting industry and shaping a brighter future.

Written by Mark Smith

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