Bellingham’s Innovative Energy Firms Pioneering Future Sustainable Technologies


Technological advancements represent a new frontier in the energy industry, continuously generating sustainable ways to power our cities, homes, and industries. From solar-powered systems to energy-efficient innovations, these shifts have restructured how we interact with and make use of energy. In Bellingham, Washington, several companies lead the charge in various sectors of the energy industry. They apply cutting-edge technology, making strides towards revolutionizing our understanding and utilization of renewable resources. Featured in this piece are some of these forward-thinking companies based in the area.

Evolutions in renewable energy have sparked serious transformations in the Information Technology sector, integrating traditional electricity forms with novel energy sources. This intersection of Energy and IT is where Alpha Technologies boasts its niche. Their groundbreaking solutions offer a glimpse into the future of power integration.

On the other hand, companies like Anvil Corporation showcase the profound impact that consulting and legal aid can have in shaping the energy industry. As legislation and public understanding evolve, the assistance they provide to various companies is paramount to smooth transitions into cleaner, renewable energy innovations.

Alpha Technologies Ltd.

Alpha Technologies is an energy company specializing in Information Technology and Renewable Energy solutions. With their headquarters based in Bellingham, Washington, Alpha Technologies has established a reputation for delivering quality technological designs that integrate seamlessly with renewable energy systems. Follow Alpha Technologies on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated with their latest news and products.

Anvil Corporation

In the realms of Consulting, Energy, Legal, and Renewable Energy, Anvil Corporation stands as a beacon of expert guidance and advice. With a mission based on the sustainable development of energy solutions, their profound impact on the energy industry is felt across multiple sectors. You can follow them on LinkedIn for all the latest updates.

Blue Sea Systems

Blue Sea Systems, a company rooted in the Electronics, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy and Transportation industries, has made significant strides towards revolutionizing the usage of renewable resources. Offering an array of technological advancements, they ensure the energy efficiency and sustainability of transportation systems. Stay in touch with Blue Sea Systems on their Twitter and Facebook pages

Essential Innovations Technology Corp

Specializing in Energy Efficiency and Water resource management, Essential Innovations Technology Corp offers technological solutions that enhance the conversion of energy while optimizing water usage. Their work channels renewable resources, fostering a more sustainable environment.

Western Solar

Co-founded by Jae Van Klei, Western Solar provides renewable energy solutions, tackling everything from solar electricity systems to electric vehicle charging stations. Their work reflects a dedication towards eco-innovation, promoting economic and social sustainability. Follow them on Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated on their latest projects.


altendc focuses on the design and manufacture of gasoline, diesel, and propane battery-charging DC generators for stationary and off-grid applications. While bridging the gap between traditional power sources and new technological methods, they promote a more energy efficient future.

Green Energy Experts

The Green Energy Experts are setting the pace in the Energy and Renewable Energy landscape by offering expert advice and services aimed at fostering a more sustainable environment. Stay up to date with their insights on Facebook and LinkedIn.

NBH Enterprises

NBH Enterprises, with a 30-year history of energy exploration in Scandinavia, owes its success to a strategic blend of innovative technology, precise planning, and responsible risk management. Their methods trigger local economic growth and well-being, while also promoting a sustainable environment.


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Written by Mark Smith

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