Revolutionary Energy Enterprises Innovating Izmir: Turkey’s Thriving Tech Hub Spotlight

Izmir, the gateway to the Aegean region of Turkey, hosts an array of innovative companies striving within the energy sector. Ranging from artificial intelligence to manufacturing and renewables, these businesses underscore the city’s vibrant economic life while highlighting its commitment to a sustainable future. Let’s unearth some of these exceptional enterprises making strides in energy industry from their vantage point in beautiful Izmir.

The heart of Izmir not only beats with the rhythm of traditional Turkish life but also pulses with the energy of technological advancements and innovation. The companies we will explore are not only fueling Turkey’s economy, but also powering a revolution in their respective industries. Navigating through various sectors such as renewable energy, manufacturing, automotive, and industrial automation, they are crafting the future of energy.

Each company featured in this article has a unique approach to business and innovation. Whether through deploying machine learning in the renewable energy sector or manufacturing energy efficient public utility systems across Turkey, these companies are ushering Izmir into a sustainable future. Let’s journey through Izmir’s exciting energy sector.


Founded by Erkin Çakar and Mustafa Ozan Tuncan, Solarify sits at the nexus between artificial intelligence, energy, software, and solar power. They specialize in creating AI-Powered solar power plant performance analysis software’s. Connect with Solarify on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Turk Tuborg

Combining the food and beverage industry with energy is Turk Tuborg, an Izmir-based brewery. Turk Tuborg produces beer, malt liquor, and energy drinks domestically and internationally. They distribute their products through Bimpas Bira ve Mesrubat Pazarlama AS, a subsidiary of the company. Follow Turk Tuborg on LinkedIn.

Akca Holding

Akca Holding is a diverse company involved in automotive, energy, manufacturing, packaging services, and textiles. Connect with Akca Holding via their Facebook page.

Enerji Atlası

Enerji Atlası is a renewable energy company primarily involved in electrical power plants, and electricity production and consumption.

Ekvator Enerji

Navigating the sectors of energy, oil and gas, and solar, is Ekvator Enerji. You can learn more about them on their Facebook page and via Twitter.


A figure in the field of energy, industrial services and industrial automation, ATASEL is worth checking out. Engage with ATASEL through their Facebook page.

Enda Enerji Holding

Lastly, Enda Enerji Holding, operates in energy, impact investing and sustainability. Explore more about them through their LinkedIn profile.

These companies provide a snapshot of Izmir, Izmir’s flourishing energy sector. It is through the work of these innovators and others like them that Izmir continues to be a beacon of light in the strict sense and metaphorically- leading the way in Turkish and global energy industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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