Berlin’s Innovative Pioneers Shaping the Future of 3D Printing Industry

Berlin, the capital of Germany, has emerged as an epicentre of technology innovation in Europe. The city is particularly known for its vibrant start-up scene, and has successfully bred a number of companies that are reshaping various sectors. One of those advancing sectors is the 3D Printing industry. As the industry evolves, these Berlin-based companies are leading the charge by constantly innovating to unlock new possibilities that could change the future of manufacturing as we know it.

Working with everything from consumer goods to industrial applications, these Berlin-based companies are pioneering technologies that reduce costs, increase speed, and bring new capabilities to a wide range of industries. Furthermore, they produce software that streamlines manufacturing processes, creating an environment where innovation can prosper. Here, we introduce eight companies in Berlin that are trailblazing in the 3D Printing industry.

Each of these companies bring something unique to the table. From software development to hardware manufacturing; from mass production to customized solutions. They all have one thing in common: they are part of the significant digital revolution in manufacturing that is happening right now. So, let’s take a look at these companies, their founders, their innovations, and how they are thrusting the city of Berlin into the future of manufacturing.


Founded by Aleksander Ciszek and Stephan Kuehr, 3YOURMIND is a company that offers Enterprise Software to automate the additive manufacturing processes and workflows. Their Agile Manufacturing product suite is helping leading companies and 3D print services standardize every aspect of the AM supply chain. The company’s clientele already includes brands such as GKN, DB Schenker, and EOS among others. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


BigRep, founded by Lukas Oehmigen, Marcel Tasler, and Rene Gurka, is a global leader in large-format 3D printing. The company provides its users with additive manufacturing solutions that stimulate creativity and productivity. BigRep continues to develop complete additive manufacturing solutions with strategic partners like BASF, Bosch Rexroth, Etihad Airways and Deutsche Bahn. Find out more about BigRep on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Cellbricks, founded by Lutz Kloke, is another Berlin-based company operating in the 3D Printing industry. You can learn more about Cellbricks on their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Founded by Dirk Radzinski and Martin Regehly, xolo is another thriving company in the sphere of 3D Printing. You can connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Katharina Eissing and Omar Fergani, 1000Kelvin is another Berlin’s leading light in 3D Printing and Software. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

FACTUREE – The Online Manufacturer

Established by Benjamin Schwab, Christopher Walzel, Lukas Schlicker, and Moritz König, FACTUREE – The Online Manufacturer operates in the domain of 3D Printing, B2B, Industrial Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing and more. You can follow them on their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Quantica is another key player in the 3D Printing industry of Berlin. You can follow their latest updates on Twitter and Linkedin.

INAM – Innovation Network for Advanced Materials

INAM, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials, was initiated back in 2016 by the Humboldt University Berlin, Berlin Partner, OSRAM, IRIS Adlershof and Fab Lab Berlin. Being a part of the 3D Printing industry, it is aiming to minimize the gap between research and industry in the field of Material Sciences. You can follow them on Twitter and Linkedin.

Autonomos GmbH

Founded by Tinosch Ganjineh, Autonomos GmbH is a Berlin IT startup that provides research and development services in the areas of automotive software, digital image processing and 3D sensor technology. The company is also a key player in the 3D Printing industry.

Orion Additive Manufacturing GmbH

Co-founded by Adam Rumjahn and Marien Wolthuis, Orion Additive Manufacturing GmbH focuses on industrial additive manufacturing with high-performance polymers. Learn more about Orion AM on their Linkedin page.

Acotec GmbH

Acotec GmbH develops management software solutions for computer communication needs. They are also a part of Berlin’s burgeoning 3D Printing industry. You can learn more about Acotec GmbH on their Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Written by Mark Smith

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