Exploring Chicago’s Pioneering Role in Advancing 3D Printing Innovation


Chicago, a city with a renowned manufacturing history, is today harnessing its industrial strength in the technological age, becoming a burgeoning hub for 3D Printing companies. This midwestern metropolis houses a good number of game-changing companies that are flexing their tech muscles, from biotech startups to software powerhouses, infusing the 3D printing market with innovation and driving new opportunities. This article highlights some of these Chicago-based enterprises and their radical advancements in 3D Printing technology.

Bringing together an array of business models, these companies are tapping into various sectors including biotechnology, medical, manufacturing, software, and more. They’re creating groundbreaking products, services, and solutions that impact industries by leveraging 3D Printing technology. These businesses, located across Chicago, are transforming the traditional processes and shaping the future of their industries.

Let’s turn the spotlight on these Chicago-based 3D printing pioneers, explore their operations, and understand their immense contributions to this fast-growing industry.

Dimension Inx

Founded in 2017 by Adam Jakus, Caralynn Nowinski Collens, and Ramille Shah, Dimension Inx focuses on producing regenerative microenvironments to help the body self-heal. The company delves into the complex interplay between material composition, microstructure, and microarchitecture to generate biofunctionality within the human body. Working at the intersection of 3D Printing, Biotechnology, Medical, and Therapeutics, Dimension Inx positions itself as a key player in the biotech space.

Fast Radius

Fast Radius, co-founded by David Crowder, John Nanry, Lou Rassey, and Mitch Free, has emerged as a notable player in the cloud manufacturing and digital supply chain domain. The company integrates design, production, and fulfillment operations under a unified digital infrastructure, facilitating more accessible and sustainable manufacturing. Fast Radius, providing services in 3D Printing, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Software, is redefining the manufacturing industry by digitizing its core processes.


Co-founded by Ben Houston, ThreeKit offers a 3D product configuration and visualization platform. This platform aids brands in creating beautiful visuals at scale, fostering online customer engagement and boosting conversions. ThreeKit enables businesses to create photorealistic, interactive 3D, and augmented reality visuals cost-effectively and efficiently. Also, it provides a 3D configurator, empowering consumers with real-time customizations.

Brandenburg Industrial Service Company

Sciaky, Inc.

Dreamsoft 3D


Established in 1997 by Douglas Krone, Dynamism provides an online platform that deals in PCs and tablets, 3D printers, and unique gadgets with high-standard customer service. Dynamism’s product range and reliable support have made their platform a go-to for tech enthusiasts.

Advanced Prototype Molding, Inc.

Advanced Prototype Molding, Inc. boasts over four decades of experience in building prototypes and turning them into reality. With its broad range of capabilities, including 3D printing, RTV molding, Tool and Die, and low and high volume production, it has established itself as a dependable and high-quality partner in the manufacturing industry.

Guardian Equipment

Tower Oil & Technology Co.

EcoLogic LLC


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Written by Mark Smith

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