Brooklyn’s Pioneering Environmental Engineering Firms Revolutionizing Futuristic Technology


Brooklyn, New York is home to a number of leading companies that are making significant strides in the Environmental Engineering industry. These innovative companies use technology to create infrastructure and solutions that manage resources more sustainably, design products that reduce environmental impact, and contribute to the general wellness of the public and planet. This list profiles ten such companies.

We encourage our readers to explore these companies and their work. With every initiative that shapes our cities, industrial sectors, and public services, these companies are redefining how technology can be harnessed for better, sustainable living.

Each company profile includes a company bio and the founders, a summary of their specialties in environmental engineering, and a link to their website and social media profiles where you can learn more about their groundbreaking work.


Based in Brooklyn, Sencity is a company that builds inter-connected infrastructure to boost urban living standards. By leveraging technology, engagement, empathy, and creativity, they are crafting the future of livable cities. The vision of their founders, Ivan Chen and Steven Bai, this company squarely sits at the intersection of technology, environmental engineering, and infrastructure. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Safety Dynamics

Safety Dynamics is a company committed to a secure and healthy working environment. They provide services such as safety and quality management and also offer security personnel making their services valuable across several industries including manufacturing and construction. Their emphasis lies in forging relationships with clients and promoting safety, health, and environmental solutions which are compliance driven. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Gmd Shipyard

GMD Shipyard is an environmental engineering company delivering customized marine services, expertly balancing environmental consciousness with customer service. Dedicated to prudent environmental and safety principles, GMD Shipyard provides a range of service needs of vessels, including conversions, routine maintenance, and emergency dry-dockings. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

New York Environmental Systems

Founded by Robert Pavlovich, New York Environmental Systems is an industrial brand specialized in environmental engineering. They extend facilities support services as part of their commitment to creating sustainable environments in industrial setups. LinkedIn

American Environmental Assessment & Solutions

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, American Environmental Assessment & Solutions is another noteworthy company in the environmental engineering industry. With a pronounced specialty in mapping services and waste management, this company is tackling some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Degmor is a construction company that harmoniously integrates environmental engineering into its operations. They are particularly adept in home renovations, effectively prioritizing sustainable practices and eco-friendly choices. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Written by Mark Smith

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