Green Innovations: Dresden Leaders in Global Environmental Engineering Solutions

Dresden, Sachsen, a vibrant German city renowned for its medley of stunning Baroque architecture, dynamic cultural scene and deep-rooted history, is home to advanced technological firms revolutionizing the scope of Environmental Engineering globally. A broad array of dynamic companies based within this city are leading the charge in contributing towards sustainable practises, promoting efficient use of resources, and ensuring healthier ecosystems.

The following compilation introduces several prominent companies headquartered in Dresden that are diligently operating within the Environmental Engineering industry. Their strides in the field are ushering in a new era of sustainable and responsible technological applications that not only help in reducing the environmental footprint but also lay the groundwork for the efficient harnessing of renewable energy sources.

These companies have carved out a niche in their respective industries and are playing a crucial role in tackling environmental issues on a global scale. Their innovative solutions are instrumental in maintaining a steady balance between technological advancement and environmental sustainability. Let’s delve into each company’s unique contributions to this evolving field.

Novihum Technologies

Founded by Horst Ninnemann and Peter Langer, Novihum Technologies rose to prominence after its breakthrough invention of a natural soil enhancer based on lignite in the early 2000s. With the backing of venture capital partners, the European Union, and an international team of experts, it expanded its operation into mass production in 2016. Now with approximately 30 employees, the rapidly growing company continues to successfully cater to customers throughout Europe and North America. For more information, connect with Novihum Technologies on Linkedin.

ThermoElectric Industrial Solutions GmbH

ThermoElectric Industrial Solutions GmbH is a Dresden-based engineering company specializing in devising industrial solutions within the realm of environmental engineering. This company has proven instrumental in consolidating the industry position of Dresden within Germany and beyond. Get in touch via their website for further information.

VSB Holding

A leading name in the energy, environmental consulting, and environmental engineering sectors, VSB Holding is impacting communities with its innovative solutions. Stay up-to-date with the company’s latest endeavours on their LinkedIn or via their Facebook.


Co-founded by Benjamin Buchbach, Marco Schossig, and Tobias Ott, Infrasolid specializes in the production of innovative infrared emitters mainly used in gas detection and infrared spectroscopic applications spanning various sectors. Follow the company’s developments on LinkedIn.

ILK Dresden

A major player in Environmental Consulting, ILK Dresden operates in advanced materials, Environmental Engineering, as well as the non-profit and software sectors. Stay updated with the organization’s latest breakthroughs and developments via their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

MEP Plan

Working at the intersection of Environmental Consulting and Forestry, MEP Plan is a key performer in the Environmental Engineering domain. Connect with the company on their Facebook platform to get acquainted with their work and achievements.

The innovative work of these Dresden-based companies underlines the city’s growing prominence within the environmental engineering industry. As the world grapples with the pressing need to balance technological advancement with the preservation of our environment, the contributions of these firms will be instrumental in defining the future of sustainable engineering.

Written by Mark Smith

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