Buffalo’s Pioneering Innovators Revolutionizing the Renewable Energy Sector

In the fast-growing and technologically-advanced world, the focus towards renewable energy sources has made considerable progress. Buffalo, New York, United States, is among the leading hubs fostering the growth of companies in the renewable energy industry. This industry has emerged as a key player in combating the pressing issues related to climate change. These companies have been making waves with their innovative solutions for sustainable power sources, demonstrating the power of disruptive technologies in reshaping our world for a better future. The following are some of the impactful renewable energy-focused companies which are headquartered in Buffalo, New York.

Viridi Parente

Founded by Jon Williams, Viridi Parente is a revolutionary energy company that specializes in the development of clean, sustainable power sources. Replacing traditional fossil fuel and lead-acid batteries, the company’s innovative power systems make use of their proprietary architecture. View more about the company at their LinkedIn page.

APX Energy

Established in 2011 by David Cohen, Jakob Campbell, and Justin Reich, APX Energy is an autonomous oil and gas exploration company that concentrates primarily on private placements. The company sets a high standard in developing its assets in a safe, efficient, and responsible manner. Know more about them through their LinkedIn page.

Sunny Clean Water

Founded in 2016, Sunny Clean Water has devised a solar-powered water filter that produces drinkable water. This innovative solution is portable and contributes to solving the global water crisis. Find more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Energy Curtailment Specialists

Founded in 2001, Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc. (ECS) is North America’s largest private demand response provider. It aims to ensure reliable electricity supplies and has grown considerably since its inception. You can learn more about them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

Turbulent Energy

Turbulent Energy has advanced technology for mixing, separation, and homogenization of liquids and gasses. Their revolutionary devices have no moving parts and accomplish the mixing dynamically using a proprietary internal geometry.

Derrick Mfg. Corp

Founded by H. William Derrick, Derrick Mfg. Corp operates in the energy, manufacturing, and mining sectors. For further information about Derrick Mfg. Corp’s initiatives in renewable energy, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Wendel Energy Services

Wendel is an innovative firm specializing in architecture, engineering, energy efficiency, and construction management. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for more information.

BidURenergy, Inc

In the business of consulting, energy, and renewable energy, BidURenergy, Inc is a company to watch in Buffalo, New York.

Solar Liberty

Operating in construction, energy, environmental consulting, and renewable energy sectors, Solar Liberty is laying a strong foundation for renewable energy solutions. Know more about the company at LinkedIn.

Kean Wind Turbines

Kean Wind Turbines is dedicated to designing and manufacturing efficient, affordable, and safe wind turbines. The company’s aim is to offer low-cost electricity for industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Explore more about them on LinkedIn.

Montante Solar

Montante Solar provides customized solar solutions for businesses, municipalities, and non-profits among others. The company emphasizes sustainable operations for its clients. Visit their LinkedIn page for more details.

In conclusion, these Buffalo-based renewable energy companies are turning heads with their diverse initiatives. With their role in the energy transition, these companies are paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Written by Mark Smith

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