Green Powerhouse: Renewable Energy Innovations from Aarhus, Denmark Companies

Renewable energy technologies are on the brink of a technological revolution across the globe, and Denmark—specifically the city of Aarhus, Midtjylland—is leading the charge. Several innovative companies headquartered in Aarhus are preparing for this clean energy future, fostering sustainable practices to ensure their processes and products are not merely short-term solutions, but viable long-term answers to our planet’s energy needs. These pioneering entities are ushering in an era of renewable technology that is not only technologically advanced but also environmentally friendly, cost-effective and sustainable.

Each company contributes significantly to the achievement of global renewable energy targets, creating solutions to combat the escalating threat of climate change. It is inspiring to see so many varied and innovative approaches within a single location – Aarhus, truly, is a hub of sustainable and renewable creativity. These companies are not just future-thinking; they are already making a mark on the global energy sector.

Below, we explore the twelve standout companies making ground-breaking strides in renewable energy sectors, whose headquarters are located in Aarhus, Midtjylland, Denmark. Each one is unique, and each one is playing a crucial role in advancing the field of renewable energy.


Vestas was co-founded by Peder Hansen, and has taken an intensive approach to harnessing the power of wind and boosting locally produced energy. With more than 38,000 wind turbines installed across five continents, Vestas has positioned itself as a global authority in wind power. The company’s commitment to the environment is evident, and they are set on making wind power an even bigger part of the world’s energy production. Follow them on LinkedIn for the latest updates and innovations.

Danske Commodities

Danske Commodities, established in 2004 by Henrik Lind, offers innovative and custom solutions to renewable producers, conventional assets, and energy suppliers. As an independent energy trading house, the company leverages in-depth market knowledge and 24/7 trading setup to deliver maximum value to its clients. Stay informed on their latest work and updates on LinkedIn.


Focusing on the power of Vanadium based redox flow solutions, Visblue was established by Adelio Mendes, Anders Bentien, Morten Madsen and Soren Bodker to cater to the energy needs of residential homes and small-medium enterprises. The company has competencies within battery development, power electronics and production of systems. Connect with them on LinkedIn to learn more about their approach and projects.


PEAK Wind, co-founded by Denis Nørnberg Andersen, Lars Conradsen, and Michael Andersen, is targeting the wind energy market with its specialised consultancy services for wind farm operations and asset management. Since its inception in 2017, PEAK Wind is dedicated to providing value to its wind power customers through its unique, customer-focused approach. Follow them on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, a joint venture between Vestas Wind Systems A/S and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, specialises in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing wind turbines for the offshore wind industry. Commitment to clean energy and innovation is evident from their focus on increasing the power output of wind turbines, making them a dominating player in the renewable strategy. Stay updated by following their LinkedIn profile.

MAKE Consulting

MAKE Consulting is a leading source of insight into the renewable energy industry. The company utilises its knowledge of local markets, robust databases and a global team of experts to provide strategic insights that aid its clients. Their insights are invaluable, helping businesses make a well-informed decision for their next renewable energy project. Keep up with their latest updates on their LinkedIn account.

Natur-Energi A/S

Co-founded by Kim Hvidkjær, Natur-Energi A/S is a unique player in the renewable industry that focuses on a broad range of advanced technologies.


Founded by Morten Nissen Nielsen in 2012, Vindstø is an energy supplier that works exclusively with 100% wind power that is bought from Danish wind power producers. The company is a pivotal player in transforming Denmark’s energy landscape into a greener, more sustainable one.


NRGi is a leader in the renewable energy sector, providing fundamental contributions to the growth of clean energy. By embracing technology and innovation, NRGi is paving the way toward a more sustainable future. Stay connected with them on their LinkedIn page for the latest insights and developments.

Skykon A/S

Skykon A/S is a manufacturing veteran, creating vital components such as foundations, towers, blade tooling and composite components for wind turbines. Skykon’s contributions to the industry have been critical in ensuring the efficiency and longevity of wind-powered solutions. Track their latest on LinkedIn.


DanSolar is renowned for its exceptional range of products within solar energy, making continuous strides in the development of innovative solutions. Already leading the way in renewable energy, DanSolar will undoubtedly continue to make leaps and bounds in the sector. Catch up with their work via their LinkedIn account.

Written by Mark Smith

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