Calgary’s Pioneering Waste Management Companies: Innovations in Sustainable Tech Solutions

In Calgary, Alberta, innovative companies are directing their expertise towards advancing waste management technology. They are developing ways to not only manage waste more efficiently but also to minimize environmental impact through sustainable practices. With an intent focus on industries ranging from oil sands production to livestock manure treatment, leading companies are promoting a shift towards a more sustainable and circular economy. In this article, we spotlight several businesses headquartered in Calgary, honed in on making significant strides in the waste management industry.

Titanium Corporation Inc

Titanium Corporation, also known as CVW CleanTech, is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to minimize the environmental footprint of the oil sands industry. With a focus on commercial and industrial waste management, they are setting a remarkable standard in effecting a future of clean industry practices.


EnviCore, founded by Aleksandra Govedarica, Milana Trifkovic, and Shahrukh Shamim, is a growing R&D company specializing in sustainable wastewater treatment solutions with a focus on CleanTech, mining, and natural resources. Connect with them via LinkedIn to learn more about their environmentally conscious approach transforming the narrative of mining waste and its environmental impact.


Swirltex, founded by Peter Christou, is a pioneer in building custom water treatment systems, focusing on energy efficiency and water purification. Swirltex has engineered a unique patented membrane, which separates and filters liquids according to their buoyancy, paving the way for better production with less water pollution. Get more information about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Livestock Water Recycling

Livestock Water Recycling, founded by Karen Schuett, leads the world in manure treatment technology. From their Calgary-based Innovation Center, they work globally to help farms reduce greenhouse gas emissions, concentrate and segregate nutrients for strategic fertilizer application, and recycle clean, reusable water. Connect with LWR through their LinkedIn and Facebook channels for more.

Galatea Technologies

Galatea Technologies, founded by Rakshit Singbal, operates in the software and transportation industry, focusing on waste management. Get more information about them on their LinkedIn page.

Recover Energy Services

Recover Energy Services, founded by Mike Biersteker, is a rising eco-tech firm which offers cost-effective and eco-friendly disposal methods for oil-based drill cuttings. Follow them on LinkedIn for updates.


Aqua-Pure offers cutting-edge technology solutions to the industrial sector as a leading provider of industrial and municipal wastewater services. Their breakthrough evaporator technology revolutionizes the treatment of wastewater.

Kanin Energy

Kanin Energy, founded by Daniel Fipke, Jake Bainbridge, Janice Tran, and Rod Fitzsimmons Frey, helps heavy industries to monetize their waste heat and decarbonize their operations. Follow their LinkedIn and Facebook pages to keep informed about their latest projects.

Q’Max Solutions

Q’Max Solutions Inc. is a private oilfield services company that started as a local Canadian company and has grown into a multi-national corporation. Their unique approach of growth partnering sets them apart, offering a host of services aimed at helping their clients achieve success through efficient drilling processes at lower total costs. Connect with them on LinkedIn to learn more.

Enhance Energy

Enhance Energy is pushing boundaries in terms of carbon capture and storage in the energy sector. They are industry leaders in developing alternatives for CO2 for enhanced oil recovery. Get updates on their latest initiatives on their LinkedIn page.

Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC)

The Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation operates the collection and recycling of over 130,000 different types of regulated, non-refillable beverage containers sold in Alberta. ABCRC is raising the bar in promoting the environmental, economic, and social benefits of recycling. Follow ABCRC on their Facebook page for their latest initiatives.

Written by Mark Smith

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