Revolutionizing Waste Management: Top Dallas-Based Enterprises Leading the Future

For the sustainability-minded, waste management encompasses much more than managing garbage and recyclables. As we grow more conscious of our impact on the environment, innovative companies in the waste management industry are stepping up to meet the challenge. Based out of the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas, here are eleven companies making significant strides towards cleaning up our waste streams and driving sustainability forward. These diverse companies span from those dealing with organic waste and recycling to those involved in highly sophisticated waste analytics.

Our first company, CheckSammy, is the brainchild of founders Paul Botelho and Sam Scoten. They’re transforming the waste management industry with streamlined subscription-based bulk junk hauling services powered by cutting-edge technology. Using proprietary tools, CheckSammy establishes proof of sustainability initiatives by collecting and tracking junk items. This on-demand or subscription service, favored for its competitive pricing, is revolutionizing waste collection. Learn more about CheckSammy via their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Next on our list is Goodnight Midstream, founded by Patrick Walker and Robert Rubey. Goodnight Midstream provides a niche service in the oil and gas industry by assisting in water waste management. This Dallas-based company operates extensive saltwater gathering pipelines and saltwater disposal facilities in North Dakota.

Trash Gurus

Founded by Cooper Jackman, Eric McGlauflin, and Zachary Irwin, Trash Gurus is a pioneer in the sector of logistics and waste management. They operate a waste management platform designed to connect waste buyers and sellers, hosting transactions and optimizing fleets. Connect with Trash Gurus on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Okon Metals

Okon Metals is a leader in the waste management industry, specializing in environmental engineering, manufacturing, recycling, and waste management. They continue to shape the industry’s future with innovative strategies. Reach out to Okon Metals through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


In 2019, Scrap-It was founded to bring technology into the waste removal industry. Its platform links companies and homebuilders with cost-effective waste removal services. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Pulse Supply Chain Solutions

Asif Jadhavji founded Pulse Supply Chain Solutions to offer design RLR strategies to the electronics, wireless, and telecommunications industries. Churning out parts harvesting and certified destruction services, Pulse interacts with customers via email, phone, and online applications. Visit their LinkedIn to learn more.

Frontier Waste Holdings

Frontier Waste Holdings, a key player in waste management, offers a wide suite of waste services including municipal solid waste collection. Check their Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.

Community Waste Disposal

As the name suggests, Community Waste Disposal acts as a steward for communities’ waste management needs. Join their story at their Facebook and Twitter, or network with them via their LinkedIn.

Texas Recycling

Texas Recycling operates within the environmental engineering, recycling, and waste management industries. Stay connected with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

United Southern Waste

United Southern Waste specializes in recycling within the textiles industry. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.


Turning waste into value, Turn is a food waste recycling company assisting with organic waste collection and composting services. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

In summary, these trailblazing companies based in Dallas, Texas, are using technology, innovation, and commitment to reign in the waste management industry’s future. It’s through their efforts that we might see a greener, cleaner future.

Written by Mark Smith

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