Cambridge’s Pioneering Enterprises Revolutionising the Advanced Materials Industry


The Advanced Materials industry is rapidly expanding and evolving, with remarkable breakthroughs and innovations developing every year. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, known for its world-renowned university and thriving tech scene, is home to numerous pioneering companies operating in this sector. These companies are creating state-of-the-art solutions that have the potential to reshape various sectors such as Consumer and Information Technology, Chemical and Electronics, and EdTech and Education.

These trailblazing companies range from startups to established institutions – each contributing to the scientific prowess and entrepreneurial spirit of Cambridge. In this series, we explore some of these cutting-edge companies – their origins, innovations, and the impacts they’re making in the Advanced Materials industry.

From sensor technology to advanced photonics, each company features unique and groundbreaking solutions aiming to transform industries and daily life. So, let’s dive in and learn more about these intriguing companies.

Sorex Sensors

Founded by Andrew Flewitt, Bill Milne, Enrique Iborra, and Julian Gardner, Sorex Sensors is leading the way in the Advanced Materials and Sensor technology industry. Their sensors, built on film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) technology, offer crucial applications in devices requiring minute mass detection. Latter can provide precise measurements due to its capability of resonating thinly piezoelectric material films on a silicon wafer. Follow them on Linkedin.

ROADMap Systems

ROADMap Systems, established by Daping Chu, is an advanced materials company specialising in wavelength switch technology licensed from the Cambridge Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE). Their solutions aim to overcome the triple challenge faced by network operators: capacity increase, cost management, and network configuration flexibility. Learn more about them on their Linkedin page.

Cambridge Nanosystems

Founded by Catharina Paukner, Cambridge Nanosystems specialises in advanced materials and has developed a unique method for producing pure, high-quality, high-volume graphene. Their innovative process uses natural gas as a carbon precursor without the need for a catalyst, enabling the large-scale production of multi-purpose, high-performance materials. Follow them on Facebook and Linkedin.

Lambda Energy

With founders Mark Brenchley, Monica Saavedra, and Niall Haughian at the helm, Lambda Energy uses advanced materials to customise light for devices and organisms. Currently, they’re focusing on revolutionising plant growth by optimising sunlight for higher crop yields. Their innovation has the potential to significantly reduce electricity costs and plastic waste in agriculture. Lambda is currently seeking funding to expand its team and support product development and scaling. See their Linkedin profile for more details.

Cambridge Future Tech

Cambridge Future Tech, founded by Xavier Parkhouse-Parker, is a venture builder specialising in deep tech startups. The company not only invests in their portfolio ventures but also takes on the role of active co-founder. They assist with team building, customer and investor networking, and facilitating the next generation of Deep Tech Innovation. Find out more on their Linkedin page.

MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

The MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit is a significant contributor to the understanding of human cognition and its disorders. They use behavioural experiments, neuroimaging, and computer modelling to study fundamental cognitive processes such as attention, language, and memory. They intend to use their discoveries to improve human health and wellbeing across all age groups. Discover more about them on their Facebook page.

Written by Mark Smith

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