Revolutionizing Advanced Materials: Spotlight on Columbus-Based Industry Giants

As the world moves rapidly towards a future enriched by bleeding-edge technologies, the city of Columbus, Ohio, stands at the vanguard of this technological renaissance. More specifically, it serves as a bustling hub for companies operating in the flourishing advanced materials industry. From the revolutionary contributions to energy storage by Powermers Inc. to the groundbreaking sound and vibration damping technology from HyperDamping, Columbus is emerging as a nexus of innovation where the promising potential of advanced materials is being unlocked. This article offers a fascinating look at some of the city’s most forward-thinking companies in this burgeoning sector.

For many of these innovative companies, the primary focus lies in pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible in the world of advanced materials. Powermers Inc., for instance, is revolutionizing lithium-ion batteries, while DeLille Oxygen is harnessing the full potential of rare and high purity gases. Additionally, The Watkins Printing Company and Syscom Advanced Materials are making strides in the respective areas of 3D printing and aerospace manufacturing. From concept to creation, these companies represent the cutting-edge of the advanced materials industry.

Whether it’s green tech, oil and gas, or any other related industry, these companies share a common mission to leverage advanced materials to shape our future and catalyze a technological renaissance. The following sections will provide in-depth details about these trailblazing companies operating in Columbus, Ohio.

Powermers Inc.

Co-founded by Sam Kogan, Powermers is an advanced materials innovator specializing in patented nano-scale catalytic polymers, coatings, and binders. Operating across multiple sectors, including energy storage, manufacturing, and renewable energy, the firm disrupts the traditional lithium-ion batteries technology ecosystem to develop more efficient and sustainable solutions for the future.

DeLille Oxygen

DeLille Oxygen has established itself in the advanced materials industry as a critical welding and gas supply company. Leveraging chemical engineering techniques and advanced manufacturing processes, they offer a myriad of gases from industrial grades to specialty grades in diverse forms. Adding to this, DeLille also supplies several chemical products across solid, liquid, and vapor states. You can follow their latest updates via @Delilleoxygen on Twitter or on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

The Watkins Printing Company

In the world of 3D printing, few companies can match the comprehensive service line of The Watkins Printing Company. Offering complete prepress, pressroom, binding, and mailing facilities, they serve numerous clients across universities and organizations. Stay updated with their activities via @thewatkinsprint on Twitter, or their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Syscom Advanced Materials

Syscom Advanced Materials offers services in agsis, amber strand, liberator, and data sheets. They are known for their cutting-edge products in the advanced materials and aerospace industry. Interested parties can reach out via phone, email, and online applications. You can also follow their progress on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


HyperDamping is at the forefront of sound and vibration damping technology. Their proprietary and patent-pending innovation blends material science with structural engineering to mitigate noise and damage in a wide range of applications. Their groundbreaking work has set a new industry benchmark for cost-effectivity, lightweight design, and enhanced damping properties in elastic materials. Follow their innovations on their LinkedIn page.


Unspent is another Columbus-based company driving change in the advanced materials industry. Although the company’s specific area of focus is not provided, they are actively operating in the green tech sector, highlighting the diverse applications of advanced materials beyond traditional industries.

Written by Mark Smith

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