Charotte’s Leading Environmental Consulting Firms Shaping Sustainable Future

As a world increasingly invested in preserving and improving our environment, we have seen an exciting rise in innovative companies focused on delivering environmental solutions. What’s more, Charlotte, North Carolina has emerged as a local hub for such pioneering businesses. This article introduces you to some of the leading enterprises in the environmental consulting industry, all based in the Queen City itself.

Pine Gate Renewables

Founded by James Luster, Pine Gate Renewables operates in the Energy, Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy, and Solar sectors. The company plans and builds small utility-scale solar farms that generate clean renewable power for the communities where they are located. Pine Gate Renewables position their farms near existing utility connection points and thoroughly vets solar farmland for minimum environmental impact. Their work can be seen on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Since 1984, HEPACO has been a high-end environmental service provider committed to exceeding clients’ expectations. They have evolved as one of the market leaders in providing solutions to clients’ environmental challenges with a strong focus on quality, reliability, safety, and client assurance. Their credentials and portfolio remain unmatched in the Environmental Consulting industry.

Otto Environmental North America

Otto Environmental North America is a major player in Environmental Consulting, Recycling, and Waste Management industries. They provide efficient, sustainable solutions in waste management, contributing towards a cleaner Earth. You can check out more about them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Theorem Geo

Theorem Geo, helmed by founder John Eddins, operates in Environmental Consulting, Geospatial, Logistics, Power Grid, Software, and Sustainability industries. Check out their innovative solutions on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Shield Engineering

Shield Engineering is an environmental engineering consulting firm specializing in environmental engineering, forensic engineering, engineering design, and emergency spill management services. Follow their ongoing projects and updates on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Queen City Metal Recycling and Salvage

Operating in Commercial, Environmental Consulting, Recycling, and Waste Management sectors, Queen City Metal Recycling and Salvage is devoted to reducing landfill waste through sustainable recycling options. Check out their activities on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Wildlands Engineering

Wildlands Engineering, a frontrunner in Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, and Water sectors, is contributing to a cleaner, greener world. Learn more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

National Association for Pet Container Resources

The National Association for Pet Container Resources is a Non-Profit Organization engaged in Association, Environmental Consulting, Packaging Services, and Recycling. Learn more about their work on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Davis Fire Consultants

Davis Fire Consultants lends excellent advisory and solutions in the Consulting, Energy Storage, Environmental Consulting, Shipping, and Water sectors. Their expert services extend to residential and commercial fire investigations, large loss case management, and more., offers expertise in the fields of Education, Environmental Consulting, and Service Industry. Discover more about what they do on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Fiss Environmental Solutions

Finally, the team at Fiss Environmental Solutions provides excellent consulting services specializing in environmental permitting, and regulatory compliance assistance. They work closely within industrial and municipal wastewater and water treatment, water reclamation, and reuse, and sustainability initiatives. You can learn more about them via their LinkedIn page.

These Charlotte-based companies are a testament to the city’s commitment towards a sustainable future. Each one of them brings innovative solutions to pressing environmental challenges and, in doing so, contributes to shaping a better world for our next generations.

Written by Mark Smith

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