Pittsburgh’s Leading Environmental Consulting Firms: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

The Environmental Consulting industry is experiencing rapid growth as the urgency of tackling climate change and other environmental challenges becomes increasingly clear. With Pittsburgh being a hub of innovation and change, many forward-thinking companies are contributing to this field in various innovative and technologically driven ways. This article series aims to highlight some of these pioneers and their noteworthy efforts in this important field.

All the companies featured in these articles are headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. They are involved in offering diverse services in areas ranging from Information Technology to Waste Management, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, and more. These companies are resolute in driving change and implementing solutions to promote a more sustainable future.

One feature that unites these diverse companies is their commitment to taking on environmental consulting. This covers work that leads to practical solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of commercial activities, improve environmental safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and promote sustainable practices across various industries.


Kloopify is a remarkable company that operates in the Environmental Consulting, Information Technology, and Software industries. Their core focus is to assist businesses in making environmentally-conscious purchases which in turn, minimises emissions from purchased goods and services. As a leading platform in this space, Kloopify not only aids in reducing risk but also accelerates revenue growth. Find more information about Kloopify on their LinkedIn page.

Corporate Environmental Solutions

Co-founded by Andrew C. Middleton, Corporate Environmental Solutions is committed to crafting practical and innovative solutions for the diverse environmental needs of their clients. Their multidisciplinary approach spans across various arenas like site remediation, water treatment, environmental compliance, and consulting. Hence, they aim to provide a comprehensive response to all environmental challenges.

Civil & Environmental Consultants

As the name suggests, Civil & Environmental Consultants focuses on providing market-oriented consulting services. This enhances their clients’ strategic business objectives, enabling them to navigate complex environmental regulations and develop compliant business protocols. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or via their Twitter handle.

Microbac Laboratories

Established by Warne Boyce, Microbac Laboratories operates in the intersection of Biotechnology and Environmental Consulting. The company is dedicated to partnering with clients to ensure the quality, safety, and performance of their products and operations. They operate through a network of laboratories that generate time-sensitive data and insights. Find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or via their Twitter handle.


ALCOSAN, positioned at the intersection of Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, Health Care, Water, and Water Purification industries, aims to address the pressing issues of water pollution and scarcity. Visit their website to find out more about their role in creating a more sustainable future. You can also follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or via their Twitter handle.

American Zinc Recycling

American Zinc Recycling is a company in the Environmental Consulting, Manufacturing, and Service Industry. They are focused on the production of zinc and other valuable metals from recycled sources. Check out their LinkedIn and Facebook page to learn more about their work.

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Written by Mark Smith

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