Clearwater’s Pioneering Leaders in Environmental Engineering: A Futurology Spotlight

Environmental engineering is a rapidly growing industry, especially in areas like Clearwater, Florida, where several companies are capitalizing on the potential for innovation in the face of urgent environmental challenges. This coastal city hosts a collection of forward-thinking firms working to create more sustainable processes and environments, ultimately impacting both local and global ecosystems. This article highlights some of the trailblazers, headquartered in Clearwater, who are leading the way in environmental engineering.

The companies on this list range from firms focusing on energy efficiency and environmental management to waste and recycling, water management, and beyond. Whether they’re developing cutting-edge technology, offering consulting services, or providing cost-efficient and eco-friendly solutions, these companies demonstrate a wide range of expertise, all through the lens of environmental engineering.

What ties them all together is a shared commitment to sustainability and a belief that business and environmental stewardship can—and indeed, must—go hand in hand. Let’s meet these companies:

Pure Air Control Services

Founded by Alan Wozniak, Pure Air Control Services offers Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services in environmental project management, building and remediation sciences. They strive to make buildings healthier, energy-efficient, and sustainable, aligning business with a dedication to the environment. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Orion Waste Solutions

Orion Waste Solutions is an environmental consulting and waste management company that provides customized, environmentally conscious waste and recycling services to commercial and residential customers. Orion’s mission is to provide sustainable solutions and personalized service to help businesses and communities thrive. More updates from Orion are available on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

CIH Equipment Company

CIH Equipment Company offers guarantees through its accreditation and compliance, providing a unique customer experience. Specializing in industrial hygiene exposure measurement equipment calibration, CIH Equipment Company elevates the standard in environmental health and safety. Stay connected with CIH Equipment Company on Facebook and LinkedIn.


A manufacturing giant in the construction and environmental engineering world, Perma-Liner is known for its innovative solutions designed to effectively manage and conserve water resources. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Mold Zero

Mold Zero is an environmental engineering firm committed to maintaining high quality assurance standards in water- and air-related issues. With its focus on eliminating mold problems that can have adverse environmental and health impacts, the company is making strides towards safer living conditions. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Central Florida Testing Laboratories

Catering to builders, engineers, and property developers, Central Florida Testing Laboratories offers high-quality geotechnical engineering services. Their suite of services, from testing building supplies to maintaining the integrity of soil mechanics, assures clients of successful and eco-friendly construction operations. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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