Vancouver: GreenTech Pioneers Leading Sustainable Innovation in British Columbia

Green technology, or Greentech, uses modern technology and science to create environmentally-friendly products and services. Companies operating in this dynamic industry seek to create sustainable living environments and minimize the ecological impact of mankind’s activities. Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, renowned for its natural beauty, is home to a cluster of companies contributing to the growth of these environmental initiatives. This series of articles will highlight the various Vancouver based companies operating in the Greentech industry.

This booming tech hub is bridging the gap between technology and sustainability to create products and services aimed at conserving natural resources and minimizing carbon footprints. Each company highlighted in this series operates in unique sectors of the Greentech industry and contribute towards making those sectors sustainable and eco-friendly.

Greentech companies in Vancouver range from those that focus on sustainable energy to smart mobility solutions, water treatment and organic food industries among others. The series aims to highlight these companies and their commitment towards creating a sustainable future.

Renewal Funds

Founded by Carol Newell, Joel Solomon and Paul Richardson, Renewal Funds is a mission venture capital firm investing in early growth stage companies. They operate in the CleanTech, GreenTech, and Organic Food sectors providing essential funding to innovative, eco-friendly projects. Renewal Funds on LinkedIn

SensoDrive Technology

Founded by Sasan Pasha, SensoDrive Technology has developed smart IOT solutions to enable efficient utilization of infrastructure such as parking, lockers, and bike stations for public use. Their product SensoKonnect™ transforms underutilized parking and EV-charging stations into GreenMobilityHubs™ accessible via smartphones. SensoDrive on LinkedIn

BQE Water

BQE Water is a service provider specializing in mine water treatment and management solutions. The company’s solutions include technologies to treat Metals, Sulfate, Selenium, and Cyanide, contributing significantly to water sustainability efforts in the mining industry. BQE Water on LinkedIn BQE Water on Twitter


Using plant biotechnology, CellFor identifies and produces genetically superior conifer seedlings without genetic modification. The company contributes significantly to the global forest industry by supplying high technology seedlings.


Co-founded by Michael Wilcox and Patrick Crawford, FYBR provides turnkey technology solutions that enable optimized supply chains for the forest products industry. Using drones, satellites, and AI, they provide real-time, actionable information about forests and field conditions. FYBR on LinkedIn FYBR on Facebook FYBR on Twitter


Co-founded by Annalea Krebs, ethicalDeal is a digital marketing platform for natural brands, with an aim of making eco-friendly choices more accessible and mainstream. ethicalDeal on LinkedIn ethicalDeal on Facebook ethicalDeal on Twitter


Specializing in building material manufacturing and sustainability, Moxy OID leads the way in creating green materials. Moxy OID on LinkedIn Moxy OID on Facebook Moxy OID on Twitter


Ascension, founded by Matthew Unger, is a cloud technology consulting agency providing technology and innovation management. They leverage the power of blockchain technology, fungible, and non-fungible tokens to automate mundane business processes. Ascension on LinkedIn Ascension on Facebook Ascension on Twitter

EcoBuddies Interactive

EcoBuddies Interactive aims at educating children about environmentalism through the form of a highly engaging website, filled with games and activities. The website fosters both the spirit of environmental conservation and digital safety among children.

Emerald Invest

Emerald Invest, founded by Nathan Li, funds early-stage ventures in community improvement and green tech projects. They are involved in infrastructure, Cleantech, E-commerce, and transportation thus facilitating urban development in harmony with nature.

Written by Mark Smith

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