Cutting-Edge Environmental Engineering Firms Emerging from Davis, California

Within this article, we examine some of the most pioneering environmental engineering organizations that call Davis, California home. These firms, specializing in various facets of environmental consultancy, biotechnology, water purification, and risk management, are pivotal contributors to their industries and the world at large. Each committed to improving the health and state of our ecosystems and delivering valuable solutions to some of the most complex problems of our times, they stand out as industry leaders in their respective sectors.

The city of Davis, California, hosts a range of companies operating in this sector and is known for its commitment to sustainable technologies, green initiatives, and innovative solutions to environmental challenges. As part of our ongoing series focusing on local industry leaders in the environmental engineering sector, we spotlight the crucial work done by these companies. We’ll delve into their origins, operations, and the innovative products and services they offer.

These companies not only demonstrate remarkable leadership in their operations but they are also defining the future trajectory of the environmental engineering industry. Let’s dive in to learn more about each company, their mission, and the services they offer.

Marrone Bio Innovations

Founded in 2006 by Pamela Marrone, Marrone Bio Innovations, takes lead in the discovery, development, and marketing of natural products for weed, pest, and plant disease management. The company’s unique approach in identifying naturally occurring microorganisms and transforming them into products for controlling insects, weeds, nematodes, and plant diseases sets them apart in the biotechnology and environmental engineering industry. You can follow them on Facebook and @marronebio for the latest updates.


Providing unique services such as water resource and land-use history, cultural resources management, JRP boasts a rich portfolio of project experiences that involves historical water rights analyses, archival research for complex real estate and water litigation, historic evaluations of single properties, and field recordation of properties. Stay connected with them on Facebook and @jrphistorical.

Blankinship & Associates

Blankinship & Associates, a renowned environmental science and engineering firm, offers a plethora of services including water quality management, aquatic biology, hazardous waste, SPCC, stormwater management, and human and ecological risk assessment services. For insightful understanding of the industry, follow them at LinkedIn.

Larry Walker Associates

Larry Walker Associates is another prominent company offering a range of Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, Waste Management, and Water services. You can follow their latest happenings on LinkedIn.

Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District

The Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District is committed to protecting human health and property from air pollution’s harmful effects. They believe in everyone’s right to clean air and work towards this goal through rulemaking, permitting, enforcement, public education, planning, and monitoring. Follow them on @yolosolanoair, Facebook, and LinkedIn for current air quality conditions and updates.

Watercourse Engineering

Watercourse Engineering is known for providing hydrodynamic, water quality, and optimization modeling, water quality and hydrologic monitoring, water resources studies, water resources support, technical water resources, and water quality assessments services. You can stay updated on their work through Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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