Exploring Noida’s Pioneers in Progressive Environmental Engineering Solutions


In the picturesque city of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, a green revolution is taking place. This rapidly emerging economic hub plays host to a series of pioneering companies focused on integrating environmental engineering into their business models. With a vision to sustainably protect and enhance our planet’s rich resources, let’s explore these trailblazing organizations that are transforming India’s green initiative.

Combining cutting-edge technology with innovative engineering, the following companies are driven by a shared mission to find effective and sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. From designing climate risk analytics platforms for farmers to creating advanced quantum computing for clean energy, these Noida-based companies span diverse industry sectors.

Both stalwarts and start-ups alike, these companies are making strides in environmental engineering with a singular purpose — to ensure a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable planet for current and future generations. Let’s delve in:

Skymet Weather

Founded by Jatin Singh, Skymet Weather specializes in designing web and mobile based climate, weather, and crop analytics platforms. These platforms measure and predict climate risk for various sectors, primarily supporting agriculture insurance companies, banks, and public institutions. The company’s innovative analytics platform enables farmers to better mitigate and manage weather risks, offering insights on weather changes via their Automated Weather Stations.


AQRL, founded by Anupam Singh and Udit Akhouri, is a quantum research facility with spotlight on real-world use-cases of quantum computers and their effective implementation for unlocking sustainable sources of clean energy. Launched in 2021, AQRL is intent on establishing India’s first private research facility for advanced quantum computing.

UEM Group

Established by Kris Kshetry, UEM Group is a renowned international environmental services company specialising in comprehensive water and wastewater management. The group provides single-source services that encompass engineering, designing, construction, and installation of water and wastewater treatment facilities.

GRC India

Founded by Dhiraj Kumar Singh, GRC India is committed to providing robust environmental management plans for a wide-ranging clientele. The company seeks to reduce environmental impacts through its operations and supporting activities, advocating for the protection of human health and a sustainable global environment.


A pioneer in Environmental Engineering, GICIA India offers an extensive range of services including forest management certification, Timber Legality Assessment, and Life Cycle Assessment, to name a few. Their comprehensive suite of offerings contributes significantly to promoting sustainable forestry and environmental practices.

Indian Bird Conservancy

The Indian Bird Conservancy is an exemplary organization focused on conserving bird habitats and populations. Utilizing state-of-the-art environmental engineering practices, the organization has carried out extensive bird conservation activities through grassroots community participation.

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Written by Mark Smith

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