Dallas-Based Mining Innovators Lead the Charge in Futuristic Tech Advancements

In today’s world where mining technology is witnessing groundbreaking innovations, the state of Texas, particularly Dallas, is not left behind in this technological revolution. Companies in this region are leveraging advanced technological capabilities to improve efficiency, increase production, and maintain sustainability in the mining industry. This article highlights companies that are making remarkable progress with their technological and innovative strides in mining. These companies are not only making a difference in their industry but also impacting the local economy of Dallas, Texas.

These companies have adopted various advancements such as data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud data services, and advanced recycling technology, among others. Their innovative use of technology differentiates them in the mining industry, and they all have Dallas, Texas, as their primary operational base. These companies are a beacon of technological change and are shaping the future of mining.

Here is a detailed look at these companies, their operations, and how they are utilizing technology to redefine the mining industry.

Momentum Technologies

Founded by Preston Bryant and Robert Miles, Momentum Technologies is a lithium-ion battery recycling company that uses a patented, scalable, modular battery recycling technology. The company’s Membrane Solvent Extraction technology can extract high-purity metals from battery waste more sustainably and cost-effectively than existing approaches (Linkedin).

Roaring Fork Energy

Based in Dallas, Texas, Roaring Fork Energy focuses on establishing long-term value and relationships in the oil & gas, and energy sectors. The company targets the volatile market with a robust strategy to build and sustain valuable partnerships (Linkedin).

Matador Resources Company

Under the leadership of founder Joseph WM. Foran, Matador Resources Company is an independent energy entity. The company emphasises oil and natural gas shale exploration, development, production, and acquisition. Its operations focus mainly on the oil and liquids-rich portion of the Eagle Ford shale play in South Texas and the Wolfcamp and Bone Spring plays in the Permian Basin across Southeast New Mexico and West Texas. (Linkedin).

10K Wizard

Founded by Martin Zacarias, 10K Wizard has made significant strides in data mining, utilizing its technology to mine complex data like news feeds and provide real-time delivery of specialized information and custom content.

JM Bullion

Under the leadership of Michael Wittmeyer, JM Bullion is a top e-commerce retailer providing access to a broad array of gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium products. The company uses its platforms to provide easy access to these products (Twitter, Facebook).

H9 Technologies

H9 Technologies is a hi-tech services and solutions company that brings client visions to reality. From AI and machine learning to cloud operations, the company offers a range of solutions that significantly boost client businesses (Linkedin).


Founded by Pieter van Schalkwyk, XMPRO offers an Event Intelligence Platform that empowers engineers and experts to develop real-time applications for improved decision-making and process efficiency (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter).

Driftwood Energy

Founded by a team that includes Brent Clark, Kenny Worrell, Mickey Friedrich, and Tom Deen, Driftwood Energy is an upstream oil and gas company focusing on acquiring and horizontially developing operated properties (Linkedin).

Hunt Consolidated Inc

Hunt Consolidated Inc is a renowned player in the mining industry. While its primary operations remain undisclosed, the company’s impact in the Dallas, Texas mining industry cannot be understated.

Pogo Resources

Pogo Resources, an independent oil and gas company, focuses on developing and exploiting properties. With offices located in both Dallas, Texas and Hobbs, New Mexico, the company’s noteworthy contributions to the mining industry are worth highlighting.

Eagle Oil & Gas

Founded by Pat S. Bolin and Warren Ayres, Eagle Oil & Gas is an oil and gas exploration company that works on acquiring, optimizing and producing legacy projects in various counties (Linkedin).

Written by Mark Smith

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