Santiago’s Pioneering Mining Firms Disrupting the Industry: A Futurology Feature


On the edges of the towering Andes and at the heart of Chile’s thriving tech industry is a powerhouse of mineral and mining innovation. Santiago, the headquarters of several cutting-edge mining technology companies, gives us a glimpse at how technology is shaping the future of a foundational global industry. This article is part of a series dedicated to highlighting companies in the mining industry based in Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile.

Mining remains an economic bedrock in many parts of the world, supplying essential materials for nearly every industry and consumer product. Technological innovation in the mining industry aims to improve resource efficiency, safety, environmental impact, and profitability. From data analytics and predictive modelling to automation, these companies are at the forefront of mining technology.

Let’s explore these Santiago-based innovators who are transforming the mining industry in Region Metropolitana and beyond:

VITECH by Fukai Data

Founded by Milton Astudillo, VITECH is a noteworthy AI startup that focuses on advanced vibration analytics and artificial intelligence. VITECH aims to enhance safety and efficiency in mining through predictive analytics, real-time monitoring, and advanced reports. Visit their LinkedIn for more information.


Founded by Carlos Carrillo Alvarez, Danilo Sturiza, and Jorge Alzamora, SmartMining is dedicated to applying IT solutions to the industrial and mining world. They focus on process intelligence to optimize the use of critical resources, leading to savings and productivity increases. Find them on LinkedIn.


Scarab is a mining tech company committed to minimizing the environmental impact of waste material in the mining industry. They have developed a proprietary chemistry that selectively extracts valuable elements from waste materials, reducing their environmental impact.

Krea Mining SpA

Founded by Daniel Olea, Jaime Rovegno, Jose Gonzalez, and Matias Moya, Krea Mining SpA specializes in developing dual hardware and software solutions. Their products aim to monitor critical parameters defining each process and present the data through user-friendly interactive platforms. Learn more on their LinkedIn.


Fourdplan’s innovative software is designed to provide solutions in construction and industrial assembly. They have developed a solution for controlling construction project processes more efficiently with a focus on the entire production chain. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or learn more on their LinkedIn.

Cycle Money

Founded by Luis Bajaña, Cycle Money aims to turn useless technology into profitable recycling. They offer recycle companies information about these elements and their locations through their web application. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

DataScope Solutions

Founded by Antonio Grass and Nicolás Serrano, DataScope Solutions provides industries with solutions to streamline, organize, and evaluate field staff operations. More data about their services is accessible via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


ME ELECMETAL is another key player in the mining industry based out of Santiago.

Mining Tag

Mining Tag develops and implements tracking and fleet management solutions aiming to enhance safety and productivity in the mining industry. They offer automatic visualization and control systems working on sensor data. Get more information about them on their LinkedIn page.


Oxiquim is a prominent company in the chemical, manufacturing, mining, and plastics and rubber manufacturing sectors.


INDIMIN is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to transform data into productivity, promoting solutions that integrate the environment, people, and operational efficiency for sustainable mining. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates.


Written by Mark Smith

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