Dartmouth, Nova Scotia: Innovators in Canada’s Emerging Energy Industry

Dartmouth, a bustling city situated in the eastern part of Halifax Harbor, Nova Scotia, has become a hub for an array of energy companies pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability. A number of these trailblazing outfits, driven by the pursuit of cleaner, more efficient energy sources, call Dartmouth home, embodying the spirit of innovation that permeates the city. This article introduces some of these firms that are redefining the energy landscape.

From developing cutting-edge biotechnologies to improving the efficiency of existing energy systems, the scope and scale of the work being undertaken by these Dartmouth companies are staggering. They are leading the way in renewables, marine technology, clean energy, construction, and engineering, among others – all doggedly committed to creating a sustainable future.

Let’s take a closer look at who these companies are, what they do, and how they are contributing to advancing the energy industry in Dartmouth and far beyond.

Mara Renewables

Founded by John Risley, Mara Renewables stands at the forefront of biotechnology research and development in Canada. Its primary focus is the sustainable development of fermentation algal technologies, a boon for both nutritional and renewable energy industries. Their trailblazing work is continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of sustainable energy. Find more about Mara Renewables on their LinkedIn page.

Salient Energy

Brainchild of Brian Adams and Ryan Brown, Salient Energy is championing the cause of energy efficiency with their revolutionary new battery technology. Their innovation, based on research from the University of Waterloo, offers a solution for grid electricity storage. With their unique cathode materials that enable high energy density, Salient Energy stands to redefine modern battery technology. Follow them on Twitter and check their LinkedIn page for updates.


Spearheaded by Brock Battochio, Greg Rau, and Mike Kelland, Planetary is pioneering ocean-based carbon removal technologies. Harnessing the power of alkaline rock waste, Planetary is committed to accelerating the natural carbon cycle and achieving carbon neutrality. Keep up with their carbon reduction journey on their LinkedIn page.

CarbonCure Technologies

Founded by Robert Niven, CarbonCure Technologies is transforming the construction and manufacturing industry by developing solutions that convert waste CO2 into a useful commodity for making better concrete. Stay updated with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.


EfficiencyOne has made significant strides in energy efficiency by providing households and businesses in Nova Scotia the technical advice and financial incentives to reduce their energy costs. Their work contributes to making sustainable energy accessible to all. Find more about their journey on their LinkedIn page.

Green Power Labs

Created by Alexandre Pavlovski and Marlene Moore, Green Power Labs are renowned developers and providers of Predictive Energy Management technology with a strong background in weather-to-energy analytics and supervisory predictive controls. Get to know more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Maja Maher, Voltai endeavors to reduce reliance on fossil fuels in marine industries by harnessing energy from motion.

Clean Foundation

The Clean Foundation is dedicated to helping communities work towards a cleaner future by addressing climate change challenges. Keen to know more about its initiatives? Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Rayleigh Solar Tech

Rayleigh Solar Tech, established by Dane George and Sam March, seek to promote the implementation of sustainable solar energy through their unique perovskite solar cells. Keep up with their progress on their LinkedIn page.

One Wind

For more perspective on renewable energy and environmental consulting, visit One Wind’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Thermo Dynamics

Thermo Dynamics is a solar thermal company known for converting raw materials into highly efficient solar fins. They not only develop but also produce, distribute, and install solar thermal equipment. Follow their journey and get updates on their LinkedIn page.

These Dartmouth-based companies are testament to the region’s innovation, drive, and commitment to a sustainable future. They offer a small gleam into the transformative work happening in the energy space, demonstrating the scope and potential of renewable technologies.

Written by Mark Smith

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