Dortmund’s Pioneering Companies Transforming the Landscape of German Nanotechnology

Welcome to the latest in Futurology’s series of articles highlighting innovative companies in the Nanotechnology industry. Today we are focusing on Dortmund, Germany, a city which has become a hub for tech startups. From medical developments and aerospace industries to advancements in laser and lighting technologies, discover seven companies spearheading groundbreaking endeavors in the thriving sector of nanotechnology.


Founded by Oliver Humbach, Temicon is a global technological leader and series producer of micro- and nanostructured films, components, and functional surfaces. Their products are key components in lighting and optical systems, displays, and life science products. They are committed to the development of custom detailed solutions. Follow them on @temicon_gmbh, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Specializing in thermal coating, Thermico operates in the fields of aerospace, nanotechnology, and oil and gas. Particularly known for processing ultrafine hard metallic powders to produce very smooth layers, Thermico also conducts research projects with universities and industrial partners. For more information, visit their LinkedIn page.


Micronit, founded by Ronny van ‘t Oever, offers innovative technical services in micro and nanotechnology for customized solutions. Stay updated on their latest developments through their @iX_factory Twitter page, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Hermann Raith, Raith provides precision technology solutions for nanofabrication, electron beam lithography, focused ion beam fabrication, nanoengineering, and reverse engineering applications. The company works closely with customers in key global markets through subsidiaries and an extensive partner and service network. Connect with Raith on Facebook and LinkedIn.


LIMO is a major supplier of glass cylindrical lenses and a leading manufacturer of optics and beam shaping solutions. They are also pioneers of new photonics production technologies. LIMO produces high-precision micro-optics for diode lasers and industrial laser systems. Follow their updates on @limo_gmbh and LinkedIn.


The MST.factory operates in manufacturing and nanotechnology for product search applications. Despite limited information available,the company showcases immense potential for innovation and growth in the nanotechnology sector.

In conclusion, Dortmund’s nanotech industry, teeming with innovation and creativity, is undoubtedly shaping the technological landscape of the future. A city with roots in traditional manufacturing is now driving cutting-edge nanotechnology progress, carving a strong presence in this rapidly burgeoning field. Stay tuned for our next article!

Written by Mark Smith

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