Las Vegas Nanotechnology Pioneers: Innovation in Microscopic Scales Unveiled

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In the heart of Nevada’s bustling oasis city, Las Vegas, a new wave of innovation is forming. This new wave is sweeping across fields as diverse as Cleantech, robotics, and the food and beverage industry. The driving force behind these promising developments is Nanotechnology – a potent force propelling heralds of progress ahead with breakthrough research, technology, and applications. This article shines a spotlight on seven such trailblazing companies leveraging nanotechnology in Las Vegas and empowering advancements across various sectors.

From using nanotechnology to revolutionize HVAC air purification systems to integrating it in developing autonomous vehicles, every featured company in this article brings unique problem-solving approaches to the table. Their innovations are transforming not just the Las Vegas tech scene, but are also making reverberating impacts on their respective industries worldwide.

As we pry open the narrative of each company, let us be reminded of the importance of recognising these forward-thinking companies – our nascent hope in flourishing futuristic technologies that can redefine our existing operating models and carve a path towards a more sustainable and progressive future.


Founded by Daniel Werth, Devon Scheg, and Xavier Morgan Lange, Promethium leverages nanotechnology in the commercial HVAC air purification systems. Its mission is to use science and technology to develop disruptive air treatment systems. Their revolutionary research and development work is making breakthrough advancements in photocatalic nanotechnology for air purification systems.
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It’s Nanoed

It’s Nanoed is demonstrating meaningful applications of nanotechnology in the manufacturing and medical industries. The company has yet to provide a detailed background about its founders and operations.


Spiked, founded by Arshia Noori, uses nanotechnology in the food and beverage industry. The company, established in 2018, specialises in alcohol-infused frozen desserts.
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LakeHawk Technologies

Founded by Donald Scott, Michael Fiscus, and Miguel Duhamel, LakeHawk Technologies focuses on bringing autonomous and unmanned surface vehicles (USV’s) to commercial, local, state and federal, non-militarized markets. Their innovations bridge the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, nanotechnology, and robotics. The company used nanotechnology to develop high-speed, quick maneuvering devices with a variety of unique features. Their products currently hold the potential to revolutionize several US markets.

MRX Global Holding Corporation

Founded by Neil Gerardo, MRX Global Holding Corporation is involved with multiple industries, including 3D Printing, Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Medical, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, and Sensors. The company offers advanced technologies, innovations, and solutions in these fields. MRX proves instrumental in evolving these industries with its cutting-edge research and development efforts.
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Applied Nanoscience

Applied Nanoscience is pushing boundaries in the spheres of Biotechnology, Life Science, and Nanotechnology. As of now, the company has not offered detailed insights into its founding members and operations.
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In conclusion, this article presents just a fraction of the degree of innovation bubbling up in Las Vegas’ nanotechnology scene. These seven companies, with their bold ideas and groundbreaking technological applications, pave the way for Las Vegas to emerge as a leading hub of nanotechnology innovation, promising tremendous growth potential for the city and its tech landscape in the coming years.

Written by Mark Smith

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