Eco-Innovations: Torrance, California’s Prominent Renewable Energy Industry Leaders

Renewable energy has become one of the most significant and promising sectors of the technology industry. Companies are developing groundbreaking tools and technologies to harness the power of nature for efficient and eco-friendly energy. This article is part of a series that aims to shed light on several renewable energy companies based in Torrance, California, United States. We delve into their missions, achievements, and the exciting work they are doing to shape the future of energy.

Torrance is becoming a hub for innovative energy companies, embracing the shift to renewable energy alternatives. Each company, varied as they may be in their focus areas, has unique solutions tackling different aspects of the energy crisis, from solar panels to biofuels.

Get to know these companies further below, grasp the depth of their impact, and get a glimpse into the future of the renewable energy industry.

Global Clean Energy Holdings

Founded by Richard Palmer, GCEH operates in the fields of Animal Feed, Biofuel, Biomass Energy, Energy, and Renewable Energy. They are a vertically integrated biofuels company that develops, grows, processes, refines, and distributes “renewable diesel.” GCEH’s patented camelina yields 80% fewer emissions than fossil diesel, improving farm economics. Find them on LinkedIn.

Icelandic Glacial

Founded by Jon Olafsson, Icelandic Glacial operates in Natural Resources, Renewable Energy, and Water industries. They are known for their award-winning product under the Icelandic Glacial brand. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Verengo Solar

Founders Ken Button and Randy Bishop started Verengo Solar, a solar provider offering energy-efficient solar solutions in California. Find them on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page.

Transient Plasma Systems (TPS)

Firm believer of innovation changing the world, Dan Singleton founded TPS. They operate within the Computer, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy industries, and have developed technology that enables combustion to occur faster and more efficiently. Find them on LinkedIn.

Energy Service Partners

Energy Service Partners offers energy and solar services. They manufacture renewable energy semiconductors and install solar panels. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


InnoSense focuses on sensors, materials, coatings, renewable energy, and medical diagnostic devices and therapeutic agents. They serve industries like the defense, aerospace, energy, health care, and industrial markets. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tower Energy Group

Tower Energy Group operates in the Energy and Renewable Energy industries.

Arzon Solar

Operating in the Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Solar industries, Arzon Solar is actively contributing to the renewable energy scene. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tech Go Green

Founded by Ivan Kan, Tech Go Green operates in the Renewable Energy industry and contributes significantly to the green technology movement. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Better Than Coffee

Better Than Coffee combines the Energy, Food and Beverage, and Renewable Energy industries. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Solar Verified

Solar Verified helps homeowners optimize their solar systems for maximum savings. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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