Renewable Energy Innovators Transforming the Future from Cincinnati, Ohio

In the heart of the United States, the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, is emerging as an epicenter for renewable energy innovation. With a keen interest in building a sustainable future, numerous companies have chosen the ‘Queen City’ as their base to pioneer alternative, clean, and renewable energy solutions. Cincinnati is home to a diverse selection of businesses specializing in everything from Electric Vehicle Infrastructure to Solar technology and Cleantech. In this article, we explore some of the trailblazing companies operating in the renewable energy industry, headquartered right here in Cincinnati.


Electrada was founded by Andrew Ritch, Andy Holzhauser, and Tim Donovan with the mission to make EV charging more accessible and reliable. It offers a turnkey EV charging infrastructure solution, setting the stage for increased EV adoption. Electrada’s ecosystem includes fleet management, charging technology, microgrid and energy partners, all working together towards ROI-based decarbonization across multiple vehicle classes and use cases. Facebook | LinkedIn


GoSun, founded by Gary Starr, Matt Gillespie, and Patrick Sherwin, utilizes solar technology to provide fuel-free cooking, cooling, charging, and water purification devices. Having introduced an off-grid tiny house among their annual product innovations, it continues to uphold its commitment to renewable energy and environmental sustainability. Facebook | LinkedIn

Donovan Energy

Donovan Energy is a clean energy development and finance company co-founded by Tim Donovan. The company strives to reduce energy use and save money through novel methods. Its solutions include PACE finance, LED Lighting, HVAC, Building Envelope solutions, and renewable energy production. Facebook | LinkedIn

RBI Solar Inc

RBI Solar, founded by Ryan Reid, designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs solar mounting systems for commercial and utility-scale projects. They offer complete solar mounting solutions and provide signed and sealed engineering drawings for all 50 states. Facebook | LinkedIn


Founded by A.I. Friedmann and Bob McKenna Sr., F&M MAFCO operates in the energy, manufacturing, and real estate sectors. Facebook | LinkedIn

Melink Corporation

Established by Steve Melink, Melink Corporation specializes in the energy, renewable energy, and solar sectors. Facebook | LinkedIn

Energy Alliances

Energy Alliances offers a range of services including community aggregation, electric procurement, natural gas programs, and renewable energy solutions. Facebook | LinkedIn

Eco Engineering, Inc.

Eco Engineering specializes in the energy, renewable energy, and solar sectors.

Foley Company

The Foley Company operates in the healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, and renewable energy industries.


Anemoi focuses on energy, environmental consulting, renewable energy, and wind energy. Facebook | LinkedIn

Creekwood Energy Partners

Founded by Ron DeLyons, Creekwood Energy Partners is a consulting firm specializing in energy management and renewable energy. Facebook | LinkedIn

Together, these Cincinnati-based companies are lighting the path towards a greener future. From creating innovative solar solutions to revolutionizing EV charging infrastructure, their collective efforts are paving the way for renewable energy to become a mainstay, propelling Cincinnati, Ohio, and the entire US towards a more sustainable environment.

Written by Mark Smith

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